The task query module allows you to query and view rule verification results. Rule run is the task run, where the rule run record can be viewed in the Mission Inquiries module.

  1. Visit the Data Quality Center, click Mission Inquiries, and enter the query page.
  2. Select the ODPS data source and, according to the search box, enter content to locate exactly the table you want to find.

    • Display the task running state
      You can view the task execution status, number of rules, and number of exceptional rules in the task list. By clicking the hyperlinks on the right side, you can go to the relevant pages, and view details and make modifications.

    • View Details of the partition expression
      Click the details of the corresponding task to enter the instance details page. This page shows the running status of all rules created for the current partition expression.
      • Click More to view information about the data source, app name, node ID, and owner.
      • Click view history after the corresponding field to view the running records after each schedule.

    • Viewing rule configurations

      Click Rules after the corresponding task to jump to the rule configuration page. On this page, you can view and modify existing partition expressions and rules. See for details Rules configuration for ODPS data source.

    • View log

      Click the log after the corresponding task to view the running log for the current task.

    • View data distribution

      Click data distribution after the corresponding task to view the task from creation to date, the situation of each run.