Learn how to create a DDH in the ECS console.

Background information

You can create a DDH in the ECS console.

Note We are testing the beta Dedicated Host. You can open a ticket to apply for a trial.


  1. Log on to the ECS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Dedicated Hosts.
  3. On the Dedicated Host list page, click Create Dedicated Host.
  4. On the Create page, complete the following configurations:
    1. Billing Method: Select Subscription.
    2. Region: How to select a region, see regions and zones.
    3. Select a Dedicated Host Type, type a valid Dedicated Host Name, and specify the quantity. For more information, see dedicated host types.
      Note When selecting a Dedicated Host type, consider the following:
      • The selected Dedicated Host type determines the configurations of the ECS instances hosted on the DDH.
      • The ECS instances cannot be migrated across DDHs with local SSD disks.
    4. To create a Subscription DDH, select a Purchase cycle and determine whether to turn on the Auto renewal switch or not.
    5. Confirm Dedicated Host Service Terms.
    6. Confirm the costs.
    7. Click Create Order.
  5. On the Create Order dialog box, confirm the configurations and click OK.
  6. To create a Subscription DDH, make payment to activate the service by following the prompts.


Go back to the Dedicated Hosts page to view the new DDH. It may take several minutes to create a DDH. Refresh the page if you cannot see it. The DDH is ready to use when it is in the Running status.

What to do next

Follow-up operations: