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Dedicated Host:Overview

Last Updated:May 23, 2024

This topic describes the billing and payment of dedicated hosts and Elastic Compute service (ECS) instances that are deployed on dedicated hosts. This topic covers the following information: billable items, pricing, expiration, overdue payments, renewal, and refunds.

Billable items

The following table lists the billable items of Dedicated Host (DDH).

Cloud service

Billable item

Billing method



When you create a dedicated host, you must pay for the following physical resources of the dedicated host:

  • vCPU

  • Memory

  • Local disks (on local SSD type dedicated hosts)

  • Pay-as-you-go

  • Subscription

Dedicated host billing


You are charged for the CPU, memory, local disks, images, disks, public bandwidth, and snapshots of ECS instances that are deployed on a dedicated host.

  • Pay-as-you-go

  • Subscription

Resource billing for ECS instances on a dedicated host



The price of an instance type varies with the region. The prices that are displayed on your orders take precedence.

  • DDH: The price of a DDH resource varies with the region. For information about the pricing of DDH resources, go to the Dedicated Host section on the Pricing tab of the ECS product page.

  • ECS: The price of an ECS resource varies with the region. For information about the pricing of ECS resources, go to the Pricing tab of the ECS product page.

Expiration and overdue payments

If subscription resources expire or you have overdue payments, the resources automatically stop. After you renew the resources, you can continue to use them. If you have overdue payments, DDH sends you a notification by email, text message, or internal message. After you receive the notification, we recommend that you settle your overdue payments at the earliest opportunity to ensure business continuity. For more information, see Expiration and overdue payments.


You can renew only subscription resources. You do not need to renew pay-as-you-go resources, but you must make sure that your bank account or PayPal account associated with your Alibaba Cloud account has a sufficient balance or credit limit. We recommend that you enable auto-renewal instead of manual renewal to prevent your business from being interrupted. For more information, see Renewal policy.


  • You cannot apply for refunds for subscription dedicated hosts.

  • When you purchase a subscription ECS instance, you must pay for the related resources in advance based on the specified subscription duration. If you want to release resources that you no longer need within the duration, submit a ticket.

Resource usage and bills

After you purchase a dedicated host or an ECS instance, you can view the resource usage and bills. For more information, see View billing details.