You can learn the basic concepts of a dedicated host and the difference between a dedicated host and a shared cloud hosting server.

An Alibaba Cloud Dedicated Host, abbreviated to DDH, is a dedicated cloud host that allows you to exercise full control over the physical server. but not to share with other tenants. All the physical server attributes are visible to you, including the number of sockets, physical CPU cores, and the memory size. The Dedicated Host types determine ECS instance type families that are eligible to be created on the DDHs based on dedicated host types.

The difference between a DDH and a shared cloud hosting server is illustrated as follows.

Basic concept

For the DDH related basic concept, see glossary.

Billing and pricing

Subscription is supported for billing. For more information, see pricing overview.

Related services

The ECS instances created on a DDH support the same Alibaba Cloud services as those on shared cloud hosting servers. For more information, see what is ECS.

For the functional differences between the ECS instance on a DDH and that on a shared cloud hosting server, see comparing ECS features on different hosts.


To manage a DDH, see limits.

You can use the ECS console to manage a DDH: