Dedicated Host (DDH) is a specialized solution that Alibaba Cloud provides for enterprise customers. It offers highly cost-effective features, such as dedicated physical resources, flexible deployment, and rich configurations. DDH can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprises to migrate resources to the cloud.

A dedicated host is a cloud host whose physical resources are dedicated to a single tenant. As the only tenant of a host, you do not need to share its physical resources with other tenants. You can obtain the physical attributes of the hosts, including the number of CPUs (number of sockets), number of physical CPU cores, and memory size. You can also create Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances of an instance family that is compatible with the host specifications. For more information about dedicated host types, see Dedicated host types.


DDH provides automatic deployment and host association, which allows you to flexibly deploy your workloads. For more information, see Features.


DDH meets strict security compliance requirements and allows you to bring your own licenses (BYOL) to the cloud. This solution provides robust security and allows you to reduce the migration cost of your workloads. For more information, see Scenarios.


DDH provides a dedicated hosting environment for a single tenant based on the virtualization technology of Alibaba Cloud. DDH offers flexible and scalable services that enable you to exclusively use all the physical resources that are provided by a cloud host. The following figure shows the differences between dedicated hosts and shared hosts.Differences

ECS instances running on dedicated hosts have the same performance as those running on shared hosts. For more information, see Benefits.

Related services

For information about Alibaba Cloud services that are supported by ECS instances running on dedicated hosts, see What is ECS?

ECS instances on dedicated hosts differ from ECS instances on shared hosts. For more information, see Comparisons of ECS instances on a dedicated host and a shared host.

Usage notes

For information about the limits on the use of DDH resources, see Limits.

You can use the ECS console to create a dedicated host. For more information, see Create a dedicated host.


DDH supports subscription-based billing. For more information, see Billing overview.