Log Service provides multiple log collection methods. You can use Log Service to collect Elastic Compute Service (ECS) logs, local server logs, IoT device logs, and other cloud product logs.

Before using Log Service, you must first make the following preparations.


  1. Activate Log Service

    Log on to the Log Service product page with your registered Alibaba Cloud account. Click Get it Free. The system automatically redirects to the purchase page. Select the I agree with Log Service Agreement of Service check box and then click Enable Now to activate Log Service.

  2. Ceate and enable AccessKey (for API/SDKs ).

    An AccessKey is required to collect logs by using Logtail.  Before using Log Service, you must create an AccessKey.

    In the Log Service console, hover your mouse over your avatar in the upper-right corner. Select accesskeys from the drop-down list . Click Continue to manage AccessKey in the appeared dialog box. The Access  Key Management page appears. Create an AccessKey and check whether the created  AccessKey is enabled.

  3. Create a project
    When you log on to the Log Service console for the first time, the system prompts you to create a project.  You can also click  Create a project   in the upper-right corner.

    You can also modify project description and delete a project. For more information, see Manage projects.

  4. Create Logstore.
    The system prompts you to create a Logstore after you create a project.  You can also click the project name and then click  Create in the upper-right corner. When creating a Logstore, you must specify how you are going to use these logs.

    You can also modify or delete the Logstore. For more information, see Manage a Logstore.

  5. Manage shards (optional)
    When creating a Logstore, you can select the number of shards based on the volume and generation speed of your logs. You can also change the number of shards by splitting or merging shards when modifying the Logstore.

    For more information about splitting and merging shards, see Manage shards.

  6. Perform RAM authorization (optional)
    If you need to collect cloud product logs or post Log Service data to OSS or another product for storage and analysis, you must grant the relevant permissions for Log Service or other cloud products.

    To use a sub-account to perform operations in Log Service, you must grant permissions to the sub-account in the Resource Access Management (RAM) console.

    For more information about the authorization policies and procedure, see Authorization - Overview.