You must upgrade the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) console to the latest version before you can use transit routers in the console. The latest console version supports Enterprise Edition transit routers, which support custom route tables, custom route entries, quality of service (QoS) policies, and flow logs. These features provide a better user experience.


  1. Log on to the CEN console.
  2. If you are using the earlier console version, click Apply for Transit Routers (New Version) on the right side of Refresh on the Instances page.
    Then, you are redirected to the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) page where the user guide for working with the latest console version is available.
    Note If you have already opened the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) page, skip this step.
    The onboarding page
  3. On the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) page, read and select the Terms of Service, and click Activate Transit Routers.
  4. In the Activate Transit Routers dialog box, click Activate.
    After you activate the transit router feature, the CEN console is automatically upgraded to the latest version. The upgrade does not interrupt services.