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Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Development preparations on the Content Moderation API

Before using the Content Moderation API, you must register for an Alibaba Cloud account, add an Access Key, and subscribe to Alibaba Cloud Content Security.

  1. Go to Alibaba Cloud website to register for an account. Skip this step if you already have an account.
  2. Go to the Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation product page, and click Activate Now to activate the product service.
  3. On the Access Key Management page, manage your Access Key ID and Access Key Secret. They are your access key to use the Content Moderation API and contain your complete permissions. Therefore, you must keep your access key confidential and change it periodically.
  4. Supporting RAM subaccounts
  • The API of the Content Moderation Service also supports accessKeyId and accessKeySecret of RAM subaccounts.
  • Log on to the RAM console, create a subaccount, and select to generate its accessKeyId and accessKeySecret. Properly keep the generated accessKeyId and accessKeySecret, as they will be used in the SDK.
  • Subaccount authorization: Authorize the subaccount to use the system policy: AliyunYundunGreenWebFullAccess.
  • Skip this step if you have already added your access key.