This topic describes how to create an application server in the Simple Application Server console. The WordPress application image is used in the example. You can customize the configurations such as the region, image, and plan of an application server based on your business needs.


  1. Log on to the Simple Application Server console.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the Servers page, click Create Server.
  3. On the Simple Application Server page, configure the parameters.
    The following table describes the parameters.
    Configuration item Example Description
    Region China (Hangzhou) Select a region based on the geographical location of your business.
    Note Application servers in regions outside mainland China such as the China (Hong Kong) region and the Singapore region provide international bandwidths. High network latency may occur when you access these application servers from regions within mainland China. For more information, see Regions and network connectivity.
    • Type: Apps Image
    • Application: WordPress
    Select an image based on your business needs.
    • Apps Image: The corresponding application environment is configured. Images of this type allow you to deploy development environments or build sites in a quick manner.
    • OS Image: pure operating system images. You can install applications based on your needs.
    Instance Plan $4.5/mo Select a plan based on your business needs. You are charged additional fees for outbound traffic over the Internet beyond the plan. For more information, see Pricing and How to charge for traffic.
    Data Disk 0GB Optional. The data disk of the application server. If your business requires a larger storage device, you can customize the size of the data disk.
    Subscription Time 1 Month The usage duration of the application server to be created. You can choose to enable auto-renewal by selecting Auto-renewal
    Quantity 1 The quantity of application servers that you want to create. The default value is 1. You can create up to 20 application servers at a time.
  4. Click Buy Now.
  5. On the Confirm Order page, confirm the order.
  6. In the Terms of Service section, read and select I have read and agree to General Terms, End User License.
  7. Click Pay and complete the payment as prompted. Click Purchase.


After you complete the payment, go back to the Simple Application Server console. On the Servers page, find the created server. After the state of the application server changes from Initializing to Running, click Details to view the detailed information of the application server.