Security Center Advanced and Enterprise Edition are billed by month or annual subscription.

Billing period

You are billed for the validity period specified in your subscription.

Bill calculation

Bill= (Number of billable assets * Price of protecting one server for validity period + Price of value-added functions * Number/Volumn of the value-added functions) * Validity period of subscription.

  • Number of assets: Refers to the number of billable assets that require Security Center's protection, including ECS instances and external servers. The default Number of assets is the number of ECS instances you own, and the number of assets that you specify cannot be less than the number of your ECS instances.
  • Value-added functions: The value-added functions provided by Security Center must be additionally purchased, such as Log Analysis service .
  • Price of protecting one server: You could check the detailed price of protecting one server and the value-added functions on Security Center purchase page.
Note Security Center also protects assets such as SLB and NAT gateways. However, Security Center only charges for protecting your ECS instances and external servers. All other assets are currently protected free of charge.

Fee for Server protection (without value-added functions)

Version of Security Center Price of protecting one server for validity period
Basic Free of charge
Advanced 9.5 USD/Server/month
Enterprise 23.5 USD/Server/month

Fee for Value-added functions

Value-added functions are available for Advanced and Enterprise editions.

Value-added functions Price
Web Guard 142.6 USD/Sever/month
Log Analysis 72.9 USD/T/month

Details on how to purchase Security Center, refer to Purchase Security Center.

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