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RAM user access

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018


Using RAM users helps you effectively prevent security problems caused by leakage of the AccessKey or password.

Create a RAM user

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud console, and select Resource Access Management.

    If you have not used the Alibaba Cloud console before, activate this service first.

  2. Go to the Users page.RAMGuide2

  3. No user is displayed on the page. Click Create User in the upper-right corner to create a RAM user with the same VOD access permissions as the primary account. Remember to select the Automatically Generate an AccessKey for This User.RAMGuide3

  4. The AccessKey for this RAM user is generated. You must save this AccessKey for future use in this step.RAMGuide4

  5. Return to the “Users” page, where the created RAM user named live_ram_test is displayed. The created RAM user does not have any permissions yet. Click Authorize on the right side and grant the VOD access permissions to this RAM user.VODAuth

    For information about the authorization policies, see System authorization policies.

  6. After authorization, click Manage on the right side if you need to grant the console logon or other permissions to this RAM user.