This topic describes how to register a generic domain name that uses a generic top-level domain, such as .com and .cn on Alibaba Cloud. After you have registered a domain name, complete the real-name authentication process for the domain name as soon as possible.

The following procedure shows how to purchase a domain name.

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Domain website. If you do not have an Alibaba Cloud account, register one first.
  2. Enter a domain name and click Find A Domain.
  3. Select a domain name from the search results and click Add to cart.
  4. Select the domain name in Shopping Cart and click Buy Now
  5. On the Confirm Order page, click Place Order.
  6. Make sure that the domain information is correct and click Pay.

If the domain name that you want to register has already been registered, alternatives are available. For example, if the domain name has already been registered, you can choose a domain name that uses another top-level domain, such as,, or

The processes for registering a premium domain name and a generic domain name are similar. To register a premium domain name, follow the registration procedure described in this topic.

Real-name authentication

If the domain name that you have registered uses the .cn top-level domain, you must complete the real-name authentication process for the domain name. Otherwise, your domain name will become inaccessible. For more information, see Real-name authentication for .cn domains.