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An exception occurs during live streaming

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2021

Problem description

When using apsaravideo live, see video stream ingest document operation, but stream ingest failed.


Many causes lead to failures in stream ingest. The following are some common causes:


The solution varies depending on the cause.

Incorrect stream ingest on the client

Check the configuration of your ingest client for any of the following errors:

  • The URL entered incorrectly in stream settings.
    The URL includes the ingest domain name and AppName. 
    Description: The following takes the configuration of OBS as an example. The actual configuration on site will prevail.
  • The name of the specified stream is incorrect.
    Set StreamName and QueryString.
    Description: includes vhost parameters. If authentication is enabled, you need to add the authentication parameter auth_key.

You can also use other stream ingestion tools for comparative tests. Common Stream ingestion tools are as follows:

If other stream ingest tools work properly, the settings of the stream ingest client fail. Check the inconsistent settings and try to adjust them.

Non-compliant audio and video coding

Make sure that your stream encoding format meets the following requirements. Otherwise, different streaming protocols may fail during live streaming.

  • h264 video streams
  • aac audio stream

You can run the following command to view the stream encoding format by using ffmpeg.

ffmpeg -i rtmp://[$Your_Domain]/[$App_Name]/[$Stream_Name]


  • [$Your_Domain]: specifies the ingest domain name.
  • [$App_Name]: the AppName in The ingest URL.
  • [$Stream_Name]: specifies the StreamName in The ingest URL.

Make sure that your stream encoding format meets the preceding requirements.

Reach the limit of ingest channels

Apsaravideo live limits the number of concurrent ingest channels for a live domain name and a single domain name to each user. You can create up to 20 live domain names under a single account, and can ingest up to 20 streams concurrently for each domain name. If the application name is configured with real-time transcoding, the specified application name can ingest only 10 live streams. If the number of concurrent stream ingest channels exceeds the limit, stream ingest fails.

Description: If you want to view the number of concurrent ingest channels.

The ingest URL is added to the blacklist.

Apsaravideo Live allows you to disable the ingest URL corresponding to the application name and stream name. If the ingest URL is added to the blacklist, the stream ingest fails. Check whether the ingest URL is in the blacklist. For information about how to query the ingest URL in the blacklist.

Authentication failed

After authentication is enabled, you must add the authentication parameter auth_key. If the specified authentication parameter expires or the value of the authentication parameter is incorrect, stream ingest fails. For details,

The network is abnormal.

The stream ingest client needs to ingest streams to apsaravideo live through the rtmp protocol. If an error occurs during the streaming process, which may result in a stream ingest failure, we recommend that you use one of the following methods for self-examination:

  • ping the ingest URL at the stream ingest client to check for packet loss. If packet loss occurs, contact the network operator for troubleshooting.

  • At the stream ingest end, telnet command to check whether Port 1935 of the ingest domain can be connected. If the connection fails, try a different network environment check whether the local network is abnormal.

Application scope

  • Live video streaming