To create an interactive dashboard, follow these steps: create an interactive dashboard and configure the dashboard data.

  1. Log on to ARMS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, clickInteractive Dashboard, And then chooseInteractive dashboard managementPage, selectCreate an interactive dashboard > Custom dashboard.
  3. InCreate an interactive dashboardDialog box, enter the name of the interactive dashboard and clickOK. The new interactive dashboard is displayed in the interactive dashboard management page, but there is no data, then you need to configure data for the dashboard.
  4. Add a dataset.

    1. On the interactive dashboard management page, click the right side of the dashboard nameOperationColumnEdit.
    2. ClickInteraction ControlAnd select Add Chart type.
    3. In the create interactive chart dialog box, enter a chart name and selectDataset, Select the chart type, enter other optional information as needed, and clickOK. For example, you can select the line chart type to view the line chart display of the dataset in the data display area.

      Composite indicator
  5. Add a navigation tree.

    1. On the dashboard editing page, selectInteraction Control > Navigation tree control.
    2. In the navigation tree dialog box, enterNameAnd SelectDataset typeAndDataset. ARMS automatically imports the multi-dimensional traversal value of the dataset toDataText box.
    3. In the navigation tree dialog box, chooseOK. The navigation tree is displayed in the left-side navigation pane.
  6. Associate datasets with the navigation tree.
    1. In the data display area, find the target chart and click the gear icon.
    2. In the edit dialog box,DatasetAreaDimensionSelect from the drop-down listNavigation treeDimension, and clickOK. The dimension of the dataset is associated with the dimension of the navigation tree.
    Dashboard Demo
  7. View the data presentation of the dataset.

    Select different dimension values in the navigation tree to view the corresponding data display in the data display area.

  8. In the space operation area, selectToday,This week,This monthOr manually select the start time and end time to display the data within the specified time range.

  9. After the dashboard is configured, clickSaveTo save the current configuration. In addition, the system automatically saves every 10 seconds to prevent the data being edited from being lost.

    • To prevent loss of the data being edited, ARMS automatically saves the data every 10 seconds.
    • You can adjust the chart size and position on the dashboard.
    • Adjust the chart size

      In editing mode, you can drag the control handle in the lower right corner of a chart to adjust its size.

    • Adjust the chart position

      In editing mode, drag the chart to adjust its position, and release the mouse to determine its final position.