CloudMonitor is a service that monitors Internet applications and Alibaba Cloud resources.

CloudMonitor provides one-stop, ready-to-use, and enterprise-class monitoring solutions for you. CloudMonitor supports basic monitoring for IT infrastructure and dial testing for public network quality by monitoring events, custom metrics, and logs. The monitoring services provided by CloudMonitor are efficient, comprehensive, and cost-effective. CloudMonitor helps you improve system service availability and reduce the operations and maintenance (O&M) costs of IT infrastructure.

CloudMonitor provides application groups and alert templates for you to efficiently monitor tens of thousands of instances from dozens of services. You can add resources from different services and regions to the same application group to facilitate management.

CloudMonitor collects system metrics and custom metrics of Alibaba Cloud resources to monitor service availability and allows you to set alert rules for specific metrics. In this way, you can grasp the usage of your Alibaba Cloud resources, monitor the status and health of your applications, and act promptly on alerts to ensure the availability of your applications.




The following table lists the features supported by CloudMonitor.
Feature Description
Dashboard Allows you to view monitoring data as needed. You can aggregate monitoring data of different services and instances that run the same type of workloads by using a dashboard.
Application group Allows you to manage resources from different services and regions by group. You can use application groups to manage resources involved in your business, such as servers, databases, load balancers, and storage, in a centralized manner. For example, you can manage alert rules and view monitoring data by application group. This greatly improves the O&M efficiency.
Host monitoring Allows you to install the CloudMonitor agent on servers to collect monitoring data of 30 metrics, including the metrics related to CPU, memory, disk, and network usage. Host monitoring allows you to set alert rules for all metrics on specified instances, application groups, or all resources. Host monitoring can meet the basic monitoring and O&M requirements for your servers. Host monitoring is supported on both Linux and Windows.
Event monitoring Allows you to report events, query events, and receive alerts about events. Event monitoring allows you to report exceptions or important changes in your business to CloudMonitor and receive alerts when exceptions occur.
Custom monitoring Allows you to report business metrics about which you are concerned to CloudMonitor. CloudMonitor processes the collected monitoring data and generates alerts based on the processing result.
Site monitoring Sends detection requests that simulate real user access from detection points all over China to your site to test and monitor access to your site from networks of different carriers.
Cloud service monitoring Allows you to view the metrics of your cloud service instances. Cloud service monitoring helps you analyze the resource usage, collect statistics about the business trend, and identify and diagnose system faults in a timely manner.
Alert service Allows you to set alert rules and sends alert notifications to you when alerts are triggered. You can set alert rules to specify how the alert system checks the monitoring data and when it sends alert notifications. After you set alert rules for important metrics, you can receive alert notifications immediately after exceptions occur and handle the exceptions in a timely manner.
Resource consumption Allows you to view resource consumption details.