This topic describes the quick start of Message Service (MNS), which allows you to easily familiarize yourself with MNS services.

MNS provides the following two types of message services: queue-based message services and topic-based message services. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with basic terms before using MNS. For more information about terms, see Queue-related terms and Topic-related terms. For more information about two types of MNS services and their scenarios, see What is MNS?.

After you are familiar with basic terms, you can use the MNS console to manage queues and topics to send and receive messages. The following figure shows the procedure.

Quick start

Quick start of queue-based message services

  1. Activate Message Service
  2. Create a queue
  3. Send messages
  4. Receive messages

Quick start of topic-based message services

Topic-based message services support multiple endpoints, such as email addresses, mobile numbers, queues, and HTTP/HTTPS servers. In this example, messages are sent to queues.

  1. Activate Message Service
  2. Create a queue
  3. Create a topic
  4. Create a subscription
  5. Send messages
  6. Receive messages


For information about how to use multi-language SDKs to send and receive messages, see SDK Reference.