This topic uses the SSSP algorithm as an example to describe how to submit Graph jobs.

Submitting a Graph job is similar to submitting a MapReduce job. Maven users can search odps-sdk-graph at Maven library to download the preferred Java SDK (available in different versions). The configuration information is as follows:


  1. Log on to the console and run odpscmd.
  2. Create input and output tables.
    create table sssp_in (v bigint, es string);
    create table sssp_out (v bigint, l bigint);

    For more information about table creation statements, see Table operations.

  3. Upload data.
    Local data is as follows:
    2, 2, 3, 4, 4
    2 1:2,3:2,4:1
    3 1:1,2:2,5:1
    4 1:4,2:1,5:1
    5 3:1,4:1
    A space is used to separate two columns.
    tunnel u -fd " " sssp.txt sssp_in;
  4. Compile an SSSP example.
    Compile and debug the SSSP example on your local PC. In this example, the code is packaged as the odps-graph-example-sssp.jar file.
    Note You only need to package the SSSP code. You do not need to package the SDK in the odps-graph-example-sssp.jar file.
  5. Add JAR resources.
    add jar $LOCAL_JAR_PATH/odps-graph-example-sssp.jar
    Note For more information, see Resources operations.
  6. Run SSSP.
    jar -libjars odps-graph-example-sssp.jar -classpath $LOCAL_JAR_PATH/odps-graph-example-sssp.jar com.aliyun.odps.graph.example.SSSP 1 sssp_in sssp_out;

    JAR commands are used to run MaxCompute Graph jobs in the same way as the commands for running MapReduce jobs.

    When a Graph job is running, the corresponding instance ID, progress, and result summary are displayed in the command output, for example:
    ID = 20130730160742915gl205u3
    2013-07-31 00:18:36 SUCCESS
    Graph Input/Output
    Total input bytes=211
    Total input records = 5
    Total output bytes=161
    Total output records=5
    Graph_input _ [BSP. sssp_in] _ bytes = 211
    Graph_input _ [BSP. sssp_in] _ records = 5
    Graph_output _ [BSP. sssp_out] _ records = 5
    Graph statistics
    Total edges=14
    Total halted vertices=5
    Total sent messages=28
    Total supersteps=4
    Total vertices=5
    Total workers=1
    Graph timers
    Average superstep time (milliseconds) = 7
    Load time (milliseconds)=8
    Max superstep time (milliseconds) =14
    Max time superstep=0
    Min superstep time (milliseconds) = 5
    Min time superstep=2
    Setup Time (milliseconds) = 277
    Shutdown Time (milliseconds) = 20
    Total superb time (milliseconds) = 30
    Total time (milliseconds)=344
    Note To use the Graph function, you only need to open and submit a Graph job.