Last Updated: Nov 06, 2017


ItemsLimitsTicket submission permits exemption
Available CIDR blocks,,, and their subsets Supported
Maximum number of VPCs for an account 10 Supported
Maximum number of VRouters in a VPC 1 Unsupported
Maximum number of VSwitches in a VPC 24 Unsupported
Maximum number of route tables in a VPC 1 Unsupported
Maximum number of route entries in a route table 48 Supported
Maximum number of cloud product instances that can run in a VPC 10,000 Unsupported

VRouter and VSwitch

  • Each VPC can have only one VRouter.
  • VRouter does not support dynamic route protocols, such as BGP or OSPF.
  • Each VRouter has only one route table.
  • Route entries in a route table affect all the cloud product instances in the VPC. Currently, the source IP routing rules are not supported by VSwitches and cloud product instances.
  • VSwitches are a layer-3 switch, therefore the layer-2 broadcast and multicast are not supported.
  • The number of instances that a VSwitch can have = 10,000 - the number of existing instances in the VPC.
  • The CIDR block cannot be modified.
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