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Environment configuration

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017

How can I ensure the configuration environments are consistent with Auto Scaling ECS instances? Alternatively, how can I directly add a previous system environment to the Auto Scaling instances?

When creating scaling configuration for ECS instances, you can use an ECS custom image template to create instances. If you need to sync internal system data (such as a previous system environment) when the ECS instances are running, we recommend that you install a custom rsync program.

In the created instances, after a restart, why is added after /etc/hosts are cleared?

When your content is added after /etc/hosts in an image, and the custom image generated by this image is used to create an instance, its configuration will be restored to the system default settings. This means the added content will be cleared. If these settings need to be retained, add the script code in rc.local. Then, check if the information is in /etc/hosts. If not, you must add the script code again.

My Auto Scaling service is set up to automatically create instances, however, there is no fixed quantity. How can I ensure that my instances are scaled normally when using images in the image market?

If you need to scale to N instances that use the same image, you must buy N images from the image market in advance.

Can I buy images from the image market in batches?

Batch purchasing of images is not supported.

If a previously used image from the image market no longer exists, how can I ensure that the scaling group instances set up can be scaled normally?

We recommend that you select a suitable replacement image from the image market to ensure your scaling group can scale normally.

Can I use a single product code to get images from different regions?

Yes. However, you must ensure that your desired regions support the image.

I have bought 100 images with the same product code. Can I use these images in all regions?

Images in the image market have region attributes. You must ensure the purchased images are supported by your desired regions.

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