This topic describes the Content Delivery Network (CDN) billing methods, which helps you choose the billing method that best suits your requirements.

The following table describes the billing methods supported by CDN in details.
Billing method Description Reference
Pay by Bandwidth You are charged based on the daily peak bandwidth in each region. Unit: Mbit/s. Basic service billing
Pay by Traffic You are charged based on pricing tiers in each region. The billing cycle is one calendar month. Within a billing cycle, the amount of data that exceeds the quota in the current pricing tier is billed based on the next pricing tier.
Value-added service billing If HTTPS secure acceleration is enabled, additional charges are incurred. Value-added service billing
Subscription-based outbound data transfer plan You are charged based on annual subscription. You can make a one-off payment and use the data transfer plan immediately after the payment. The amount of data that exceeds the quota is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. Subscription-based resource plans