Shell nodes support standard shell syntax but not interactive syntax.

You can run Shell nodes in the default resource group. To enable a Shell node to access an IP address or a domain name, add the IP address or domain name to the whitelist.

Create a Shell node

  1. Log on to the DataWorks console. In the left-side navigation pane, click Workspaces. On the Workspaces page, find the target workspace and click Data Analytics in the Actions column.
  2. On the Data Analytics tab that appears, move the pointer over the Create icon icon and choose General > Shell.

    Alternatively, you can click a workflow in the left-side navigation pane, right-click General, and then choose Create > Shell.

  3. In the Create Node dialog box that appears, set Node Name and Location, and then click Commit.
    Note The node name must be 1 to 128 characters in length.
  4. Edit the code on the configuration tab of the Shell node.Edit the code of the Shell node
    To call the system scheduling parameters for the Shell node, run the following statement:
    echo "$1 $2 $3"
    Note Separate multiple parameters with spaces. For more information about the system scheduling parameters, see Scheduling parameters.
  5. Configure the node properties.

    Click the Properties tab in the right-side navigation pane. On the Properties tab that appears, set the parameters. For more information, see Basic attributes.

  6. Commit the node.

    After the node properties are configured, click the Save icon in the upper-left corner. Then, commit or commit and unlock the node to the development environment.

  7. Deploy the node.

    For more information, see Deploy a node.

  8. Test the node in the production environment.