Use GetScalingRules to obtain scaling rules.


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Request header

This operation only uses common request headers. For more information, see the Common request parameters topic.

Request syntax

GET /pop/v5/app/scalingRules HTTPS|HTTP

Request parameters

Name Type Required Example Description
AppId String Yes 33e39be9-3e5f-**********

The ID of workspace to which the node instance belongs.

GroupId String Yes d8bb9d60-9 for****

The ID of the deployment Group.

Mode String No [object Object]

A rule type may not be specified or specified. SCALE_IN indicates scale-in. SCALE_OUT indicates scale-out.

Response parameters

Name Type Example Description
Code Integer 200


Data Struct

Data details

ClusterType Integer 2

The type of the cluster.

OversoldFactor Integer 1

Docker clusters support overselling ratio:

  • 2 Generation Table 1:2.
  • 4 Generation Table 1:4.
  • 8 stands for 1:8.
RuleList Array

Rules page

AppId String 33e39be9-3e5f-**********

The ID of the application.

Cond String OR

Trigger condition:

  • Any condition is OR. .
  • All conditions are AND.
Cpu Integer 1

Trigger CPU usage

CreateTime Long 1574251601801

The time when the VSwitch was created.

Duration Integer 1

Last for More Than

Enable Boolean True


GroupId String d8bb9d60-91b5-4cdf-******************

Deployment Group ID

InstNum Integer 2

The maximum number of instances in a table group when the group is scaled out. The minimum number of instances in a table group when the group is scaled in.

LoadNum Integer 1

Trigger indicator: system load.

MetricType String HSF

Metric type

Mode String SCALE_OUT

The type of the rule. Valid values: SCALE_IN for scale-out and SCALE_OUT.

MultiAzPolicy String ""

Multi-zone scaling policy:

  • The PRIORITY policy is PRIORITY.
  • The balanced distribution policy is BALANCE.
ResourceFrom String AVAILABLE

Instance Source:

  • Elastic resources are NEW;
  • AVAILABLE_FIRST is the preferred option for existing resources.
Rt Integer 1

Trigger indicator: service latency.

SpecId String ""

Spec ID

Step Integer 1

The number of ECS instances in each scale-out or scale-in operation.

TemplateId String ""

The ID of the launch template.

TemplateVersion Integer 1143542

The version of the launch template.

UpdateTime Long 1574251601785

The time when the synchronization task was modified.

VSwitchIds String ""

The list of VSwitch ids. Multiple VSwitch IDs are separated with commas (,).

VpcId String vpc-wz9b246z****


UpdateTime Long 1574251601785

The time when the returned instance group was updated.

VpcId String vpc-wz9b246z****


Message String success

The returned message.

RequestId String D16979DC-4D42-*************

The ID of the request.

UpdateTime Long 1574251601785

The time when the instance group was updated.


Sample request

GET /pop/v5/app/scalingRules HTTP/1.1
Common request header
  "AppId": ""
  "GroupId": ""

Sample success response

XML format


JSON format

    "Data": {
        "RuleList": {
            "Rule": [
    "Step": 1,
    "SpecId": "",
    "AppId": "33e39be9-3e5f-4028-****-************",
    "MultiAzPolicy": "",
    "UpdateTime": 1574251601785,
    "MetricType": "HSF",
    "Mode": "SCALE_OUT",
    "GroupId": "d8bb9d60-91b5-4cdf-****-************",
    "TemplateId": "",
    "Rt": 1,
    "ResourceFrom": "AVAILABLE",
    "Cpu": 1,
    "VSwitchIds": "",
    "Cond": "OR",
    "InstNum": 2,
    "Enable": true,
    "CreateTime": 1574251601801,
    "Duration": 1,
    "LoadNum": 1
        "OversoldFactor": 1,
        "ClusterType": 2,
        "VpcId": "vpc-wz9b246z******"
    "Message": "success",
    "Code": 200

Error codes

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.