This topic lists the Alibaba Cloud services that support Cloud Config.

Service Resource type ARN
Elastic Compute Service Instance ACS::ECS::Instance
Network interface ACS::ECS::NetworkInterface
Security group ACS::ECS::SecurityGroup
Disk ACS::ECS::Disk
Snapshot ACS::ECS::Snapshot
Automatic snapshot policy ACS::ECS::AutoSnapshotPolicy
Cloud Assistant command ACS::ECS::Command
Dedicated host ACS::ECS::DedicatedHost
Launch template ACS::ECS::LaunchTemplate
ApsaraDB for RDS Instance ACS::RDS::DBInstance
ActionTrail Trail ACS::ActionTrail::Trail
Virtual Private Cloud VPC-connected instance ACS::VPC::VPC
Route table ACS::VPC::RouteTable
VSwitch ACS::VPC::VSwitch
VPN Gateway VPN gateway ACS::VPN::VpnGateway
VPN connection ACS::VPN::VpnConnection
Customer gateway ACS::VPN::CustomerGateway
Elastic IP Address Elastic IP address ACS::EIP::EipAddress
Resource Access Management Role ACS::RAM::Role
Policy ACS::RAM::Policy
User ACS::RAM::User
Server Load Balancer Instance ACS::SLB::LoadBalancer
CA certificate ACS::SLB::CACertificate
Server certificate ACS::SLB::ServerCertificate
Access control list ACS::SLB::AccessControlList
CDN Domain name ACS::CDN::Domain
Auto Scaling Scaling group ACS::ESS::ScalingGroup
Scaling rule ACS::ESS::ScalingRule
Scaling configuration ACS::ESS::ScalingConfiguration
Object Storage Service Bucket ACS::OSS::Bucket
ApsaraDB for Redis Redis instance ACS::Redis::DBInstance
Apsara PolarDB PolarDB cluster ACS::PolarDB::DBCluster
ApsaraDB for MongoDB MongoDB instance ACS::MongoDB::DBInstance
Shared Bandwidth Shared bandwidth package ACS::CBWP::CommonBandwidthPackage
Cloud Enterprise Network Instance ALIYUN::CEN::CenInstance
Bandwidth plan ALIYUN::CEN::CenBandwidthPackage
Flow log ACS::CEN::Flowlog
Web Application Firewall Instance ACS::ECS::Instance
Domain name ACS::CDN::Domain
Anti-DDoS Pro Instance ACS::DdosCoo::Instance
Apsara File Storage NAS File system ACS::NAS::FileSystem
ApsaraDB for Hbase Cluster ACS::HBase::Cluster
Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes Cluster ACS::ACK::Cluster