This topic describes the restrictions when you register a domain name and apply for an Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing for the domain name.

Domain name registration

A domain name that meets the following conditions cannot be registered:
  • The domain name is involved in litigation, arbitration, or punishment acts.
  • The domain name is reserved by the domain name registry.
  • The domain name contains sensitive words and is prohibited from being registered. When you customize the prefix of a domain name, follow the naming rules for domain names. For more information, see Naming rules for domain names.

ICP filing for domain names

The registrars at the Alibaba Cloud international site ( are registrars outside China. You cannot apply for an ICP filing for a domain name registered at the Alibaba Cloud international site ( If you want to deploy your services such as websites inmainland China, you must register your domain name and complete the ICP filing for your website at the Alibaba Cloud China site. Otherwise, your website may be inaccessible inmainland China.