This topic describes how to log on to the Kibana console. After you purchase an Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch instance, Elasticsearch provides you a free Kibana node with one core and 2 GB of memory. The Kibana console supports data query, data visualization, and other features.


To log on to the Kibana console, you must first purchase an Elasticsearch instance. Make sure that Public network access is Active.

Background information

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch provides the Kibana console for you to scale your business. The Kibana console is a part of the Elasticsearch ecosystem, which has been seamlessly integrated into Elasticsearch. The Kibana console enables you to monitor the status of your Elasticsearch instances and manage these instances.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch console, and clickInstance ID/Name > Data Visualization.
  2. On the Data Visualization page, click Console under Kibana.

  3. Enter the username and password on the logon page, and then click LOG IN.

    • Username: the default username is elastic.
    • Password: enter the password that you have set when you purchase the Elasticsearch instance.
    The following figure shows the Kibana console logged on from an Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch instance 6.7. If you use other Elasticsearch versions, the actual console may look slightly different from the one in the figure.

What to do next

After you log on to the Kibana console, you can then perform operations such as query data or create dashboards. For more information, see Kibana User Guide.