This topic describes how to create a database gateway by using the Database Gateway console.


  1. Log on to the Database Gateway console and click Create Gateway.
  2. In the Create Gateway dialog box, enter the name and description of the database gateway, and click Next step.
    Great Gateway
  3. Install the gateway. To install the gateway, select an installation package based on the type of your operating system. If you use the Windows operating system, click Download gateway. If you use other operating systems, copy and paste the command line to the machine where the gateway is to be installed. Then, press Enter to run the command. If the local gateway is started as expected, you are automatically redirected to the Adding a Database page. You can also click Next step.
    For more information about the requirements on using Database Gateway, see Make preparations.
    install gateway
  4. Add a database. You can click Add database address to add a database to the gateway. Alternatively, you can add a database later. For more information about how to add a database, see Add databases.
    Add database address