This topic describes how to create a database gateway by using the Database Gateway console.


  1. Log on to the Database Gateway console, and click Create Gateway.
  2. In the dialog box that appears, enter the name and description of the database gateway to be created, and click Next step.
  3. Download the gateway program. You can click Download the installation package or copy the wget command to the server on which the gateway is to be installed.
    The gateway program is written in Java and can be decompiled for code review.
    For more information about the requirements on using Database Gateway, see Preparations.
  4. Start the local gateway. You need to decompress the downloaded gateway program, access the aliyun-db-gateway/bin directory, and then double-click the proper script file.
    This directory contains two script files: (for Linux and macOS) and start.bat (for Windows).
    For local installation, you must enter Alibaba Cloud account authentication information and a random verification code to verify your identity and perform subsequent security authentication.
    If the local gateway is started, the gateway status is automatically updated and the Next step button appears.
  5. Click Next step.
    You can click Adding a Database to add a database to the gateway. Alternatively, you can add a database later. For more information about how to add a database, see Add databases.