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Background and preparations

Last Updated: May 21, 2020


Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is a large-capacity, secure, cost-effective, and reliable cloud storage service of Alibaba Cloud. You can query and analyze data in OSS by using different methods. For example, you can use serverless services of Alibaba Cloud, such as MaxCompute and Data Lake Analytics (DLA) to query and analyze data in OSS. You can also create Spark, Presto, or Impala applications for the same purpose.

Quick BI is a next-generation business intelligence (BI) service platform that is tailored for users on Alibaba Cloud. This platform provides real-time online analysis of massive amounts of data, supports drag-and-drop operations, and displays analysis results with diversified visual effects. It provides BI reports to show OSS data analysis results, helping you easily analyze data, explore business data, and generate reports.

This topic describes how to use OSS, DLA, and Quick BI to complete the overall process of data processing, including data storage, interactive query and analysis, and BI report output. The example in this topic is applicable to scenarios such as querying and analyzing logs and transaction records, and outputting reports.


You have completed the following steps.

Note: OSS, DLA, and Quick BI must be in the same region. In this example, the three services are in China (Hangzhou).

Preparations in OSS

  1. Activate OSS.

  2. Create a bucket.

    Recommended directories: workshop_sh/trade and workshop_sh/user

  3. Upload files.

    Download the simulation data, and upload transaction records and account information to the trade and user directories, respectively.



Preparations in DLA

  1. Activate DLA.

  2. Initialize the DLA primary database account password.

Preparations in Quick BI

Buy Quick BI.

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