This topic describes the billing methods of global advanced mitigation of Anti-DDoS Premium. Global advanced mitigation must be used with Anti-DDoS Premium Insurance Plan. If the two advanced mitigation sessions per month provided by Anti-DDoS Premium Insurance Plan are exhausted, you can purchase global advanced mitigation sessions that provide unlimited bandwidth protection.

Background information

Anti-DDoS Premium Insurance Plan provides two free advanced mitigation sessions per month. When DDoS attacks are detected, Anti-DDoS Premium Insurance Plan protects your services with unlimited capabilities in the following 24 hours. This consumes one advanced mitigation session.

If your services receive frequent volumetric DDoS attacks, the two advanced mitigation sessions are not enough to guarantee service availability. In this case, you can purchase global advanced mitigation sessions for Anti-DDoS instances under your account.

The following table lists the differences between global advanced mitigation and advanced mitigation of Anti-DDoS Premium instances.

Type Scope Validity period Number of sessions
Advanced mitigation of Anti-DDoS Premium Unlimited Plan Instance Based on the validity period of instances Unlimited
Advanced mitigation of Anti-DDoS Premium Insurance Plan Instances One month
Note Unused advanced mitigation sessions in the current month are not retained for the next month.
Two sessions per month
Global advanced mitigation Alibaba account One year Purchase based on needs


The following table shows the pricing of global advanced mitigation.

Item Description
Payment type Subscription
Validity period One year
Unit price USD 1,580 per session

No refund

The fees paid for global advanced mitigation cannot be refunded.

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