If the two advanced mitigations for the month of an Anti-DDoS Premium Insurance Plan instance has been used up, you can purchase additional global advanced mitigations to achieve more unlimited mitigation capabilities.

Each month, Anti-DDoS Premium Insurance Plan provides two advanced mitigations by default, featuring unlimited mitigation capabilities. This protects your businesses against DDoS attacks within 24 hours after an attack has been detected, and consumes one advanced mitigation.

If the business suffers from frequent large-traffic attacks, the two advanced mitigations of Anti-DDoS Premium Insurance Plan may be not enough to guarantee the service availability. In this case, you can purchase global advanced mitigations to obtain more advanced mitigations for the Anti-DDoS Premium instances in your account.


If the two advanced mitigations for the month have been used up and your business still suffers from large-traffic attacks, with the traffic volume exceeding the basic mitigation threshold, the additional global advanced mitigations you have purchased will be consumed to provide unlimited mitigation capacities.

You do not need to bind the global advanced mitigation to a specific instance. You can use the global advanced mitigation for all Anti-DDoS Premium Insurance Plan instances that meet the usage requirements.

Usage requirements
  • The Insurance Plan instance is valid.
  • The advanced mitigation feature of the account is not frozen.
    Note When the number of advanced mitigations, including the number of global advanced mitigation, consumed by all instances in your account in the current month exceeds 10, the advanced mitigation feature will be automatically frozen. You must wait until the next calendar month to use this feature.

    If your business is subject to frequent large-traffic attacks, we recommend that you purchase Unlimited Plan instances to protect your business.

Purchase global advanced mitigation

After you purchase an Anti-DDoS Premium instance, you can purchase additional global advanced mitigations in the Anti-DDoS Premium console at any time.
  1. Log on to the Anti-DDoS Premium console.
  2. On the Instance List page, click Purchase.

  3. On the Global Advanced Mitigation purchase page, select the quantity, and click Buy Now.
    Note Make sure that the Product is selected as Anti-DDoS Premium.


Pricing parameters Description
Payment type Subscription
Duration 1 Years
Unit price 1,580 USD
Notice Refund is not supported for the global advanced mitigation.

More information

Global advanced mitigation and advanced mitigation of Anti-DDoS Premium instance

Type Scope Period of Validity Quantity
Advanced mitigation of Unlimited Plan Instance Based on instance validity period Unlimited
Advanced mitigation of Insurance Plan Instance 1 month
Note Advanced mitigation that is unconsumed in the current month will be cleared at the beginning of next month.
Twice each month
Global advanced mitigation Account 1 year Purchase separately