"Teman Bumil app strives to support moms throughout the pregnancy and parenting journey by collaborating with likeminded partners. We are excited to have achieved success with Alibaba Cloud, and we are hoping to provide even more value to moms by leveraging Alibaba Cloud's upcoming revolutionary cloud infrastructure."

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About Teman Bumil

One of the most prominent digital health platform providers in Indonesia, Teman Bumil works with Alibaba Cloud's services, including containerization, security, and storage. Teman Bumil is a parenting application that provides educational information and services to assist millions of millennial moms.

The Challenge

Teman Bumil offers a parenting app called Teman Bumil for millennial mothers. It helps women with pregnancy and child development-related healthcare needs around the clock. It also features a community through which mothers can discuss various healthcare concerns and provide advice. The app provides support for mothers with various informational needs and connects with healthcare providers when needed. The app required a reliable cloud partner for long-term collaboration to ensure that the app runs 24x7 without any performance or availability issues. It also aimed to provide service level agreements (SLAs) to its customers to ensure the app is available and functioning as expected. In addition, Teman Bumil wanted its cloud partner to provide transparent SLAs for infrastructure services, a complete solution stack to meet application requirements, and ISO standardization for data integrity and security.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is a highly-reputed cloud provider in Indonesia and is certified with several ISO standards in multiple business-critical infrastructure services. Besides, Alibaba Cloud offers more than 200+ cloud services that help to optimize costs, scale efficiently, and maintain robust data security. As Alibaba Cloud continues to innovate and improve its services, its partners and customers can rely on its service in the long term. All of this helped Teman Bumil to choose Alibaba Cloud as its preferred cloud partner.


Teman Bumil deployed the core application using Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) to achieve better scalability and cost-effectiveness. It also deployed Server Load Balancer (SLB) to manage traffic efficiently. Moreover, it leveraged Alibaba Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect the application API and frontend from malicious end-user requests and mitigate possible threats. It relied on Object Storage Service (OSS) to store and retrieve data objects securely and efficiently with cost optimization through different OSS storage types. Besides, it used Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS to manage file storage with Container Service. It deployed CloudMonitor service to collect performance and availability metrics of various Alibaba Cloud services, monitor application infrastructure health, and mitigate performance issues as soon as they arise. This strategy helped Teman Bumil scale dynamically based on customer demand, control costs, and secure data reliably.

Looking Forward

Teman Bumil app would like to continually improve and leverage its success to solve healthcare problems for more customers across different verticals. Alibaba Cloud also supports Teman Bumil’s company, PT Global Urban Esensial, to power its applications such as goapotik.com. The group is delighted to achieve success with Alibaba Cloud and wants to deliver much more value to its customers by relying upon the innovative cloud infrastructure services of Alibaba Cloud.