Community Blog Cloud Ambassador Story: A Webmaster's Journey of Promotion

Cloud Ambassador Story: A Webmaster's Journey of Promotion

This article is the story of a webmaster that is also a cloud ambassador for Alibaba Cloud.

This is a story of an Alibaba Cloud Ambassador in China, originally published on Alibaba Cloud China Site. To learn more about the international version of Alibaba Cloud Ambassador program, please check this page.

This article is about a webmaster I came to know more than a year ago. Today is also the 800th day since she became a cloud ambassador. I cannot wait to share her experience with you (the following narrative perspective is the first person of the ambassador herself).

I am an individual webmaster and have my own blog website, with daily IP access of less than 2,000. I've also joined one or two webmasters' social media groups. From time to time, someone sends Alibaba Cloud promotion links in the group. Although my server still has half a year before expiration, I got coupons from links sent by friends as the price of servers during Double 11 was really attractive. For the first time, I ordered a C4 computing server for 3 years. The price was a little more than 2,000 yuan. I thought it was super cost-effective. My friend also got a commission from my purchase. I could not remember the amount, but since then, I also began to try promoting Alibaba Cloud servers.

It was about November 2018, just in time for Alibaba Cloud's Double 11 group discount activity. The steps of becoming a cloud ambassador are very simple. You only need a real-name authenticated account, enter the "recommendation rebate page" from the control panel, bind your Alipay account, and click on any link of "popular official materials" to start promotion. I first promoted Alibaba Cloud through my social media groups and my website. After the Double 11 activity, I promoted it to less than 10 people and made little money. I began to reflect on and summarize why my promotion effect was not good. I concluded that it was mostly because I knew little about Alibaba Cloud. If I knew more relevant knowledge, I would not have hesitated for half a day to reply to those who asked me to recommend servers for them. Now that I want to be an excellent cloud ambassador, I must familiarize myself with knowledge in building websites and purchasing servers. I truly admire the big players who can rank among the outstanding cloud ambassadors. The full-time cloud ambassadors' highest promotion rebate can reach one million yuan. After reading her brief introduction and experience, it turns out that she knew nothing about Alibaba Cloud at first. I think her success is due to not only luck but also her excellent promotion strategy.

Many new ambassadors will have the same problems as I do in the early stage of promotion. They do not know how to answer clients' questions about much common professional knowledge. I would like to share with you a few common questions:

1.  What should we focus on for the configuration of cloud servers?

We should mainly pay attention to CPU, memory, bandwidth, and ultra disks. CPU of a cloud server is as important as the computer mainframe. It is the core of a computer, so higher frequency is better, but the price will also be more expensive. The second factor is memory size. As far as I know, some cloud servers have a minimum memory size of 512 MB, which is too small. As soon as the website runs, it will crash. So we should choose cloud servers with a memory of more than 1 GB. The larger the capacity, the better. Now people generally choose memory of about 2 GB to 8 GB, and the price is not very expensive. I think bandwidth is the most important selection criterion, considering factors such as the number of online website users, daily page view, and website types (text stations, forums, pictures, e-commerce). Ultra disk is like the hard disk of a computer, which can store files like audio, videos, and pictures. At present, the cloud servers on sale are basically 40 GB. So, this criterion can be neglected.

2.  ICP filing is very cumbersome. Can we skip this?

In fact, the time and procedures of ICP filing have been reduced a lot, making it more convenient for individual and enterprise users to apply for ICP filing. The ICP filing time is usually from 1 day to about 14 days. If you really don't want to apply for ICP filing, you can choose a Hong Kong server. You can access and use the domain name directly without ICP filing when it is resolved to the Hong Kong server.

3.  What systems to choose?

Many webmasters choose Windows system because it is the same as computer system in daily use, with friendly interface and convenient operation. But I recommend that webmasters who buy low-configuration servers choose Linux system. Why? It is because Linux has very high system security. The maintenance cost of Linux system is lower than that of Windows. The scalability, cost-effectiveness, and performance of Linux servers are also better than those of Windows servers.

4.  After the server expires, how much is the second-year renewal fee?

The renewal price of the server after expiration is much higher than purchasing. This is because the purchase provides a 90% discount, so I recommend that you purchase the server for three years if economic conditions permit.

After figuring out these questions, plus my experience in using Alibaba Cloud servers, I was able to recommend servers to others and promote Alibaba Cloud. In fact, my purpose was very simple. I just hoped to get free cash coupons or rebates enough to buy a server in each activity. I believe that pay and gain are proportional. Therefore, as long as I work a little harder every time than before, I can get better results. In May 2019, there was a group activity for existing users. The activity was like this: an existing user initiates a group purchase. As long as the new user purchases the product from the link of the existing user, the existing user will also be eligible to purchase any product on the activity page. In fact, I knew many ambassadors did not want to do such a thankless thing. I also wanted to refuse, but an ordinary "thank you" made me take back what I wanted to say. At first, I lacked confidence. I told myself to "rely on luck" and "try my best". Later, I conducted promotion and got one order, two orders, three orders... I promoted through social media groups, websites, and WeChat Moments. Every link given by an existing user was successfully grouped, and my self-confidence began to come back. The success rate increased to "100%". I felt fortunate that I did not give up easily. If I gave up, I might lose the trust of my friends, confidence, and the willpower to promote.

The 2019 Alibaba Cloud Double 11 activity was a peak period for me to promote Alibaba Cloud. I successfully made it to the list eligible for dividing up 1 million yuan bonus. At the beginning of the activity, I was not in a hurry to send links. I went to prepare the copy and pictures and analyze which servers in the activity were cost-effective. Only after I had done enough research did I start promoting. For everyone who asked me questions about servers, I answered them seriously. My friend joked that I was like personnel of pre-sales customer service of Alibaba Cloud. Some people asked me for links and even helped me promote. The activity lasted for a month. Although I was very tired in the process, I came closer to customers and Alibaba Cloud. Later, in the Double 12 activity, although the discount was not as high as that of Double 11, there were also many new users who bought servers. I am the kind of person who is easily satisfied. A few orders per month are enough for me. In 2020, the live streaming marketing went viral, and I also tried it. In the 618 activity, I started live streaming at 3:00 p.m. Although it was expected to be a 30-minute live streaming, I only made it 15 minutes. But I practiced before the live streaming for no less than 100 times for every word and sentence. I deeply realized the saying that "one minute on stage, ten years off stage".

In 2020, many industries were depressed because of COVID-19. I am very grateful to Alibaba Cloud. When I was at the bottom of my life, I saw the dawn and seized the opportunity. Although my performance of promoting Alibaba Cloud this year is not very good, I will not give up for this reason. What strengthened my resolve to promote Alibaba Cloud is very simple. First, Alibaba Cloud is the biggest cloud server provider in China, and its products and after-sales are guaranteed. Second, compared with other brands, Alibaba Cloud's products on sale have the best performance. Users will not have frequent problems when using them. Third, Alibaba Cloud's rebate payment can be withdrawn immediately after one month. Some platforms remit commission of one order over five months. For me, it is proud to be a cloud ambassador. With the strong backing of Alibaba Cloud, no matter what kind of difficulties you meet in the future, you will have a way to rise from the bottom of life. Alibaba Cloud Ambassador not only makes earning money through technology possible, but also helps countless developers who have love and passion for the Internet find the second life of their careers.

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