Community Blog Touch 'n Go eWallet Achieves Six Times Improvement in Test Efficiency with Alibaba Cloud EMAS Mobile Testing

Touch 'n Go eWallet Achieves Six Times Improvement in Test Efficiency with Alibaba Cloud EMAS Mobile Testing

Touch 'n Go eWallet (the Largest E-Wallet Provider in Malaysia) Achieves Six Times Improvement in Test Efficiency with Alibaba Cloud EMAS Mobile Testi...

About Touch 'n Go eWallet

Touch 'n Go eWallet (TNG eWallet) is the largest E-Wallet provider in Malaysia, with over 18.5 million registered users. Touch 'n Go has been leading Malaysia's transformation towards a cashless society. Millions of people use TNG eWallet as their go-to payment method for transport fares, utility bills, in-store purchases, and online shopping every day. Meanwhile, TNG eWallet has been promoting financial inclusion. TNG eWallet launched innovative products (such as GO+ and GOpinjam) to make financial services easily accessible to users and small businesses struggling with cash flow during the pandemic.

Any quality issues for a financial mobile platform with such popularity can severely impact consumer experience. In addition, the company has entered a stage of rapid development. In the past year alone, TNG eWallet launched more than 2,000 new features (such as Money Packet, TNG eWallet Visa Card, and the enhanced TNG NFC card). This poses several challenges to its quality management:

  1. Traditional manual testing cannot keep up with the pace of TNG eWallet's iterations. Also, since TNG eWallet is a financial platform, its updates must be tested on all required mobile devices and platforms to ensure stability.
  2. The company does not have enough device models to test compatibility and UI adaptation issues but is reluctant to purchase the devices themselves due to the high costs.
  3. The pandemic forced employees to work from home. In this case, physical mobile devices could not be shared among employees, which decreased the efficiency of collaborative testing. The traditional testing approach made it difficult to meet testing requirements.

EMAS Mobile Testing Platform x TNG eWallet Best Practices

Alibaba Cloud EMAS Mobile Testing is a one-stop app quality management platform that allows customers and developers to perform all-around testing in an independent or assisted manner. It helps customers identify issues and hidden risks in apps (such as compatibility issues, functionality issues, UI adaptation issues, and performance issues) to ensure app quality across the board.


Alibaba Cloud EMAS offers robust testing capabilities through Mobile Device Lab on the public cloud to address the pain points and challenges the TNG eWallet Test Team faced:

1) SaaSified One-Stop Test Platform

EMAS Mobile Testing allows TNG eWallet to implement quality assurance on the cloud throughout the whole testing process, including managing apps, recording scripts, performing automated testing, and viewing online test reports. During the pandemic, the TNG eWallet Test Team maintained efficient collaboration and communication through EMAS Mobile Testing. Direct access to physical mobile devices in data centers also addresses the issue that mobile devices cannot be shared remotely.


2) Comprehensive Coverage of Device Models

Mobile devices of more than 300 models that are widely used in the Southeast Asian market are running in the data centers for EMAS Mobile Testing. EMAS covers 2.4 times more models than the previous test service provider that TNG eWallet cooperated with, so it can meet the requirements of TNG eWallet.


3) More Than Ten Times Improvement in Script Recording Efficiency Compared with the Traditional Coding Approach

As TNG eWallet grows at a fast pace, testing requirements are increasing rapidly. TNG eWallet can save the hassle of manually writing test scripts using EMAS Mobile Testing. Testers can perform operations on the apps running on EMAS's mobile devices (such as logging on to apps, browsing through apps, and making payments). The system records the operations and automatically generates test scripts, which can be directly used for compatibility and functional tests. TNG eWallet has produced and managed more than 1,000 test scripts within six months without upsizing the Test Team and has accommodated test requirements for thousands of new features and enhancements.


4) Informative Test Reports

EMAS Mobile Testing provides content-rich online test reports. Report data is summarized and analyzed, and video playback is provided to help identify and locate exceptions (such as crashes and stutters anytime and anywhere). The TNG eWallet Test Team uses online test reports provided by the platform to efficiently collaborate with the Development Team to pinpoint and fix issues.


In summary, EMAS Mobile Testing helped TNG eWallet perform app testing efficiently in a single pane of glass. It addressed the various challenges faced by the Quality Management Team while the company is developing rapidly.


What's Next?

TNG eWallet has become an integral part of Malaysian's daily life and will continue to grow at an amazing rate in the future to provide more life services to local and foreign customers. EMAS will continually ensure the quality of mobile apps for the enterprise. This partnership is a good start for EMAS to extend its services to the international market. Looking forward, we will provide various high-quality mobile R&D services to more international customers like TNG eWallet.

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