Community Blog The Future of Retail: Why Omnichannel Matters

The Future of Retail: Why Omnichannel Matters

Find out how retailers are leveraging the cloud for success in the "Global Industry Best practices on Alibaba Cloud for Retail and E-Commerce" white paper.

Find out how real-life retailers are leveraging the cloud for success in the Global Industry Best practices on Alibaba Cloud for Retail and E-Commerce white paper.

Retail is a highly digitized and competitive market – and omnichannel retailing is now the gold standard for success.

Omnichannel provides customers with a seamless, continuous and highly personalized shopping experience, whether they’re shopping online from a mobile device, laptop or in a brick-and-mortar store.

But connecting your customers across every touchpoint is no easy task – unless you put the right processes and technologies in place. Let’s look at two examples of how our cloud-based solutions have helped retailers provide an omnichannel experience.

Say Bonjour to O2O

Bonjour is a leading beauty and healthcare retailer in Southeast Asia. When footfall fell in its 30 retail stores during the pandemic, Bonjour’s customers moved online and the company needed a strong online-to-offline (O2O) strategy to provide the best customer experience going forward.

Lazada used three products – Dataphin, Quick Audience and Quick BI – to provide an Omnichannel Data Mid-End solution:

  1. Dataphin provided a one-stop solution for Bonjour’s data. This unified PaaS platform provided data integration and warehouse modelling solutions, asset management, and a range of additional data services. As a result, Bonjour could unify its data assets across different data sources and storage environments. The company’s data warehouse design and development was also automated, and our distilling services allowed them to create rich user profiles to accurately identify their customers and products.
  2. Quick Audience provided Bonjour with a range of rich consumer analytics insights, multi-channel connectivity and also helped the company select relevant target audiences. This solution seamlessly integrates with the wider Alibaba marketing ecosystem, helping Bonjour to improve the efficiency of its marketing endeavors with ease.
  3. Quick BI is a leading business intelligence service, helping Bonjour boost its analytic capabilities. It’s incredibly easy to use. Users quickly built data portals to understand performance, performing analytics, exploring additional data sets, and generating insightful reports on customer trends using drag-and-drop features and a rich variety of visuals. This capability helped Bonjour understand shifting consumer trends, allowing the business to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Using these solutions, Bonjour integrated its data assets from various sources, performed customer analysis and gained valuable, data-driven insights into its business. As a result, Bonjour could drive effective omnichannel marketing activities, meet its business KPIs, and understand its customers better.

Live Streaming with Lazada

Lazada is a leading online shopping and selling platform in Southeast Asia. We recently worked with Lazada, providing the Lazada e-commerce platform with the bandwidth and elasticity to support more than 1.3 billion visits in the two days of the 11.11 Shopping Festival.

Lazada leveraged our Content Distribution Network (CDN) and Apsara Live to help Lazada live stream to shoppers and sellers alike.

Our technologies are designed to provide an exceptional live streaming service. The CDN edge nodes, for example, are capable of so much more than just storing and distributing content. They also make video processing decisions so Lazada can distribute static and streaming content to their users at high speed and with low latency.

Our Anti-DDoS solution was also deployed, detecting and preventing malicious traffic and DDoS attacks from disrupting Lazada’s burgeoning omnichannel business.

Alibaba Cloud is a world-class cloud provider, helping retailers setup, launch and succeed with their O2O business models – and more. To find out more about our work and read more case studies, download the Global Industry Best practices on Alibaba Cloud for Retail and E-Commerce whitepaper today.

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