Community Blog Tao Ma (Chairman of OpenAnolis): Expanding Computing Power, Driving a New Future on the Cloud

Tao Ma (Chairman of OpenAnolis): Expanding Computing Power, Driving a New Future on the Cloud

This article is a transcript of Tao Ma's speech from the 2022 Apsara Conference Anolis Operating System session.

Watch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2022 at this link!

At the recent 2022 Apsara Conference Anolis Operating System session, Tao Ma (Chairman of OpenAnolis and Alibaba Cloud researcher) delivered a keynote speech. The following is a transcript of the speech.


First of all, I would like to thank Baoguo Chen (Secretary General of the China Software Industry Association) and Xiaohao Wang (Secretary General of the Zhejiang Software Industry Association). Their blessings and outlook on Anolis OS make me full of confidence in Anolis OS. I would also like to thank all the representatives, partners, development enthusiasts, and developers online.

We believe the operating system will become a pillar source of computing power in the digital industry. OpenAnolis has been one of the most powerful open-source communities of operating systems in the industry over the past two years. It has done two things right.

The first one is Expanding Computing Power. The short-term goal of OpenAnolis is to develop Anolis OS as a replacement for CentOS to help users migrate seamlessly. In addition, based on the technical precipitation of Alibaba Cloud, Uniontech Software, and other communities over the years, OpenAnolis plans to continue releasing the underlying computing power for the users.

The second one is Driving a New Future on the Cloud. The long-term mission of OpenAnolis is to work with ecological partners to build an operating system for the cloud era, collaborate with the upstream and downstream capabilities and demands of the industry, and establish a unified open-source operating system ecosystem. This is also the origin of the theme of my speech today, Expanding Computing Power, Driving a New Future on the Cloud .

Strive for Development and Innovation

First, I think the support of OpenAnolis for computing power is comprehensive among the current domestic and international communities, such as the support for international chip manufacturers and domestic chip manufacturers. Secondly, we believe openness is very important for an open-source operating system community. The fast development of OpenAnolis is because of its open, equal, and neutral.


The number of Anolis OS downloads reached 2.3 million and the installed capacity exceeded 3 million over the past year. Currently, OpenAnolis has 21 council members and nearly 250 ecological partners.

People may ask, "Why can OpenAnolis achieve such a leapfrog in development in just two years?" I think this is closely related to the community's mission, vision, and code of beliefs. The mission and vision of OpenAnolis is the direction of the long-term sustainable development of the community, which is to contribute to the development of the entire software industry in China. Next, I would like to focus on the code of beliefs of OpenAnolis, which are also the four keywords selected by all the council members present at the Second Council Meeting: openness, equality, collaboration, and innovation.


  1. Openness: We believe OpenAnolis is open to all enterprises, and the community will not have any mandatory requirements for the enterprises to join. The core of openness is to hope that all enterprises in the operating system industry chain can join OpenAnolis and contribute to the development of the community.
  2. Equality: We believe a community can develop equally (not only in slogan) but in everything it does. Here is an example. At the First OpenAnolis Council Meeting, Alibaba Cloud, as the chairman unit, put forward a proposal that was still rejected by the council meeting. The voting mechanism of the OpenAnolis Council Meeting states the number of attending units needs to exceed 2/3, each unit can cast one vote, and more than half of the enterprises need to vote for each proposal before it can be passed. Therefore, Alibaba Cloud (as the chairman unit) or Uniontech Software (as the vice chairman unit) still only has one vote when voting, and there is no privilege.
  3. Collaboration and Innovation: The key is that we think the entire operating system industry chain is very long, involving the underlying chips, servers, operating systems and upper-layer applications. Everyone in the chain needs to work together. Innovation is a driving force for the sustainable development of OpenAnolis, leading the development of the entire community and the operating system industry.

Based on the mission, vision, and code of beliefs of the community, I'm going to explain some of the most important work OpenAnolis has done over the past year.

Focus on Partner Value


  1. Technology Ecology: Last year, we released the Dragon Project, which aims to enhance the value of community partners in terms of technology, products, and commerce. As an open-source community for operating systems, OpenAnolis will make Anolis OS highly competitive in technology through ecological development and technical cooperation, which is the basis for community development.
  2. Product Ecology: We hope to achieve ecological prosperity of products for all partners in the community through the promotion of product solutions, including product cross-certification and technical services.
  3. Business Ecology: We believe that all enterprises joining the community to do open-source projects must find a reasonable business model. Why can Linux and Linux kernel become successful open-source commercial projects worldwide? Participating companies and individuals can get benefits from community development. We hope we can find a convenient way to realize the commercial value for the council members and partners through the Dragon Project.

Talent Supply Chain Plan of OpenAnolis


In addition to the value of partners, OpenAnolis pays attention to the forging of the product supply chain and software supply chain, mainly the work of personnel training. Talents are very important for the entire operating system industry. Still, there have been shortcomings in the domestic talent reserve and education in the past, and there is still a lot of room for improvement. How does OpenAnolis do a good job with talent training? We have also defined our talent supply chain plan, which will promote the development of the OpenAnolis talent supply chain through three activities.

The first activity is the Anolis Lab. The learning curve of the operating system is relatively steep. How can developers, enthusiasts, and college students use Linux and resources more conveniently? Based on the theory of visible and tangible, we have built the OpenAnolis Laboratory on the OpenAnolis official website (*only available in Chinese currently), so users can get an Anolis OS environment in one click. It can help users understand Anolis OS and apply Linux.

The second is the Anolis Education Program, a long-term offline interaction with universities. This activity helps college students understand the research and development of the operating system through offline and online teaching. In addition, OpenAnolis actively participates in major competitions, designs competition questions, provides mentors and training techniques, and participates in reviews for the competition, integrating industrial development thinking into the competition and strengthening the talent training in the operating systems field. In the first half of 2022, OpenAnolis participated in the open-source class of Peking University, introduced Anolis OS to many college students, trained them to use Anolis OS, and participated in the Open Source Promotion Plan (OSPP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Alibaba Summer of Code (ASoC), University-Industry Collaborative Education Program, College Operating System Design Competition, and China International College Students' Internet + Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. It maintained close cooperation with colleges and universities in academic research, curriculum cooperation, and competition sponsorship.

The third is the Anolis Talk. In the past, when many students studied Linux or the operating system, they encountered a big problem; the course was very boring. What is the difference with Anolis Talk? We still hope to carry out some special topics and explain some problems that students will encounter in reality. On the one hand, it will make it easier for students to understand in actual practice. On the other hand, it will make everyone immersed in it. It is also easier to practice. In addition, we are working on a column called Anolis Developer Talk, inviting many front-line developers to speak out about how to join OpenAnolis, so everyone can learn more about the development and operation of OpenAnolis. This method is easier for them to join.

Two Chains and One Line Support the Continuous Evolution of Industrial Technology


In addition to talents, the continuous evolution of industrial technology is very important for OpenAnolis, including concepts such as software supply chain, partner supply chain, and OpenAnolis production line. We believe the software supply chain is more about the means of production. The council members, ecological partners of OpenAnolis, universities, and scientific research institutions have been jointly building projects with a secure software supply chain. We hope to help all our companies joining OpenAnolis solve problems in software supply chain security through the construction of the vulnerability information database, including the code version information database, code security information database, CBE, and security center. After solving the problem of means of production, the other issue is solving the problem of production relations. I also mentioned earlier that the industrial chain of the entire operating system is very long. OpenAnolis integrates the upstream and downstream roles of cloud manufacturers, chip manufacturers, server manufacturers, application manufacturers, and other industries, hoping to form a complete full-link solution through the OpenAnolis ecology to help users solve problems in the production process.

After solving the problems in the means of production and production relations, how can we improve our productivity? OpenAnolis provides a complete set of tools to help enterprise users, such as the developer platform service for developers and the one-stop testing service platform for daily testing problems. We provide the ABS system for environmental construction problems encountered during distribution compilation. We also provide a complete set of community infrastructure to help enterprise users realize the compliance of software package selection. The automatic construction, release, and O&M are standardized and process-oriented. OpenAnolis supports the continuous evolution of enterprise technology by comprehensively improving the capacity of the entire production line.

The Next-Generation Anolis OS on The Cloud


The creation of the next-generation operating system is a very important task for the future development of OpenAnolis. I will focus on Anolis OS 23. At the Aspara Technology yesterday, Jiang Jiangwei (Alibaba partner and Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure Product Leader) also mentioned that OpenAnolis and ecological enterprises jointly created and released the public preview of Anolis OS 23.

Photo: Jiangwei Jiang (Alibaba partner and Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure Product Leader) delivered a speech at the Aspara Conference

Anolis OS 23 is a next-generation operating system. Two very core points deserve attention:

  1. The community tried to create Anolis OS 23 through the hierarchical and classified architecture for the first time. The hierarchical classification theory was initiated and led by Uniontech Software. Under the leadership of Uniontech Software, the council members of the community are actively involved in some theoretical demonstrations and experimental work. We hope the hierarchical classification theory can solve the cooperation issues in the development process of operating systems and the synergy problems of the operating system industry.
  2. We support the development of the community operating system through all Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in the entire community. We can see from the figure above that there are still many SIGs developing rapidly in the community. We have done a lot of work in the fields of kernel technology, system security, infrastructure, etc. We hope the collaboration of all council members and ecological partners can help the next-generation Anolis OS solve the problems faced by the industry in the future through the technological innovation of OpenAnolis, thus realizing a full-scenario operating system.

Finally, I want to tell you what we think the future will look like. We hope OpenAnolis can work with all council members and all partners to promote the development of China's operating system industry on the road of open-source. At the same time, I am very confident that with everyone's joint efforts, we will be able to create a new monument for future domestic operating systems!

Thank you!

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