Community Blog Streamline Your Cloud Monitoring with Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor

Streamline Your Cloud Monitoring with Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor

This article highlights the features and benefits of Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor.

As the digital landscape accelerates, you need to make sure your web resources and applications are performing optimally and available for you to use at any time. Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor is a powerful tool designed to automate performance monitoring and provide real-time insights into your Alibaba Cloud infrastructure. You can view and fully understand the usage of the cloud resources, as well as your business's status, so you can act promptly to ensure the availability of your application when an alarm is triggered.

Benefits of Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor

Ready for Use: CloudMonitor requires no coding expertise. You can easily set up monitoring and alarms through a user-friendly wizard, saving you time and effort.

End-to-End Monitoring: It offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities, covering basic resource monitoring, application availability, and custom business metrics. This holistic approach ensures you have a complete view of your cloud resources.

Flexible Alarms: CloudMonitor allows you to set alarms for different scenarios and sends alerts through various methods, including email, and DingTalk. You can customize alarm thresholds to suit your specific needs.

Improved Maintenance Efficiency: Managing cloud resources across various applications is made easy with CloudMonitor. You can group resources by business type, simplifying the monitoring and alarm management process.

Key Features

  • Real-time Monitoring with Various Functionalities

Metrics Collected in Seconds: CloudMonitor provides more than 30 monitor metrics that are updated every second. This level of granularity allows you to detect even the smallest performance changes promptly.

Process Monitoring: Keep an eye on CPU and memory consumption of your most active processes to identify resource bottlenecks.

  • Availability Monitoring

CloudMonitor detects the connectivity of specific URLs and ports, triggering immediate alarms when exceptions occur.

  • Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

It collects metrics from external servers and monitors both your cloud and local applications, giving you a unified view of your infrastructure.

Ready for Use: Default metrics collection for ECS instances means you can quickly access vital information like CPU utilization, network transmission rate, and disk I/O without additional plugins.

  • End-to-End Monitoring Platform

A Variety of Metrics: CloudMonitor provides metrics covering multiple cloud services such as computing, storage, networking, and database services. You can easily view monitoring data and set alarms for your instances.

Network Testing and Monitoring: Simulate user requests from nationwide terminal nodes to test and monitor network quality provided by various network operators across the country.

  • Manage Applications by Group

Business Resource Management: Group your resources by business type, enabling efficient monitoring and alarm management based on your specific business needs.

Reduced Management Costs: Templates for setting alarm rules simplify the process, saving time and ensuring consistent monitoring. No more manual rule setting for individual instances.

  • Flexible and Accurate Alarms

Send Alarms Using Multiple Methods: CloudMonitor supports multiple notification methods, ensuring that you receive alerts through your preferred channels.

Custom Alarm Thresholds: Tailor alarm thresholds to match your unique business scenarios and performance requirements.


Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor is your one-stop solution for automating performance monitoring, ensuring the availability of your web resources and applications, and optimizing cloud resource management. With its user-friendly interface, real-time monitoring capabilities, and flexible alerting options, you can take proactive measures to maintain the health and performance of your cloud-based services. Don't wait for issues to impact your business; leverage CloudMonitor to stay ahead of the game in the cloud era.

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