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Set up the AliMail Enterprise Mailbox Client

This short article explains how to set up the AliMail Enterprise mailbox client through multiple means.

By Jonah Wang, Alibaba Cloud Solutions Architect


Alibaba Mail (AliMail) is the email service provider set up on top of the Alibaba Cloud platform. AliMail's focus is hosting corporate and business emails and providing services, such as cloud-based shared storage and integration with DingTalk, Alibaba's business instant messaging and collaboration platform.

After you purchase AliMail Mailbox Enterprise, you can set up your AliMail account on your mobile phone to send and receive emails and keep track of events and appointments on your AliMail account to stay organized.

There are several ways to set up your AliMail email account on your mobile phone. You can use the AliMail Mobile App, AliMail webmail, or the mobile phone's native email app and calendar app.

Note: This blog is for AliMail Enterprise International accounts. Some of the information below may not apply to AliMail personal accounts or China accounts.

Access AliMail

AliMail App

You can access this link to download different email access endpoints to have the full functionalities of AliMail, including emails, calendars, and contacts.


AliMail Client apps are available on multiple platforms:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Outlook Plugin
  • DingTalk

AliMail Webmail

Alternatively, you can use the web browser on your phone or PC to access AliMail webmail through this website.


Access AliMail with a Native Mobile Email App

If you do not want to use AliMail App and Webmail, you can synchronize your AliMail Enterprise email account with your mobile phone's native email app. Please take note of the settings below:

  • POP3 settings
Incoming mail server pop.sg.aliyun.com
Outgoing mail server smtp.sg.aliyun.com
POP3 port 995 (for SSL encrypted) 110 (for non-SSL)
SMTP port 465 or SSL encrypted) 25 (for non-SSL)
  • IMAP settings
Incoming mail server imap.sg.aliyun.com
Outgoing mail server smtp.sg.aliyun.com
IMAP port 993 (for SSL encrypted) 143 (for non-SSL)
SMTP port 465 (for SSL encrypted) 25 (for non-SSL)

The steps are listed below:

  • Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts
  • Click Add Account and select Other as your email provider


  • Enter the account information listed in the table above, your email address, and your password. Note: You must enter a full email address in the login area.

Set up AliMail Email with Outlook Office

If you want to configure the AliMail email account settings in Microsoft Outlook 2010, please refer to this link.

Set up AliMail Calendar with a Native Mobile Calendar App

The steps are listed below:

  • Go to Settings > Calendar > Accounts
  • Click Add Account and select Other as your email provider
  • Click Add CalDAV Account and fill in the information below to the CalDAV account form:
User Name Your AliMail account
Password Your AliMail account password
Server caldav.sg.aliyun.com
Port 443 (SSL)


Note: Outlook does not support CalDav, so AliMail Calendar cannot be integrated with Outlook automatically.

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