Community Blog Seeing is Believing: The Importance of Data Visualization in Decision Making

Seeing is Believing: The Importance of Data Visualization in Decision Making

In this post, we discuss how data visualization can help simplify your valuable and complex corporate information down into easily digestible visual representations.

In our data-driven world, organizations need to analyze terabytes of information to gain a competitive edge. This is where data visualization can help, by breaking your valuable and complex corporate information down into visual representations.

Visualizations display data in a way that the human brain can easily understand and interpret. They allow you to connect the dots, draw insights from information, identify any outliers and share your findings. But how can this help your decision-making processes?

Simplicity and Speed

Data visualizations can put your information into the hands of your users, allowing them to quickly identify issues, understand your offering and make decisions more quickly.

For example, let's imagine your sales team are on a call with a prospective client, who asks for a list of key statistics from past sales campaigns. Without a robust data visualization tool, they would spend time searching for that information, leaving the client waiting for a response.

However, our DataV data visualization tool allows your sales team to present that information in real time to the client. What's more, they can create a powerful graphical representation, tailored to the exact requirements of the client and in the best format for that data.

DataV achieves this by providing users with a simple and configurable interface to seamlessly create impactful graphical representations. From basic charts to heat maps and scatter diagrams based on both 2D and 3D maps, it features a vast range of configurable widgets so you can create the right visuals to display your information.

You can also customize these visualizations and utilize a vast range of our available templates, catering for all types of scenarios, including geographical analysis, real-time monitoring and operational analytics – with minimal programming skills required.

DataV removes the need for a professional designer, meaning that you don't have to worry about aspects such as screen resolution, data readability, aesthetics, and graphical responsiveness. This cuts down on some of the most time-consuming processes when creating data visualizations.

Diverse Data and Teams

Research reveals that up to 73 percent of company data goes unused for analytics as businesses struggle to make best use of their big data. But, if you're neglecting a major chunk of information, how can you be sure you're making the best decision for your business?

DataV helps you understand the structural hierarchy of your information and the relationship between various data sources from one, simple interface. This means that programmers no longer need to decode and maintain your corporate information across various access interfaces.

You can connect to various databases including our ApsaraDB RDS and AnalyticDB repositories. DataV also provides APIs with the support of dynamic requests and can identify static data in CSV and JSON formats.

As a result, DataV can collect all of your corporate data and publicly display this information in real time. So, every department can access and understand your data, enhancing collaboration and keeping everyone in your organization on the same page to make better, data-driven decisions going forward.

To learn more about how DataV can help your business lead with visualizations and AI-based analysis, download our ebook, A Practical Guide to Harnessing Big Data

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