Community Blog Run Containerized Apps on the Cloud Efficiently with Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes

Run Containerized Apps on the Cloud Efficiently with Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes

This short article discusses the benefits of Alibaba Cloud ACK when running containerized apps on the cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) is the first service to become certified Kubernetes-compliant. It provides high-performance management services for containerized applications and can help users manage enterprise-level containerized apps throughout the application lifecycle. Alibaba Cloud ACK allows users to run containerized applications on the cloud efficiently and effectively.

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) enables users to integrate virtualization, storage, networking, and security capabilities into one service. Alibaba Cloud ACK can deploy applications in high-performance, scalable containers, which provides full lifecycle management of enterprise-class containerized applications.

Alibaba Cloud is one of the leading container service providers and one of the first vendors to achieve Kubernetes conformance certification globally.

Why Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes?

Alibaba Cloud ACK provides end-to-end security for applications and permission management within enterprises. It provides all-in-one lifecycle management of containerized applications and allows users to start many containers instantly. It is easy to create clusters in the console. You can use GPU-accelerated instances and bare metal instances in one cluster and deploy your cluster across zones for high availability. Alibaba Cloud ACK offers Kubernetes and Docker versions with high stability and reinforced security. It provides application monitoring and auto scaling capabilities.

Features of Alibaba Cloud ACK

  • Allows containers on different hosts to communicate with each other
  • Supports high-performance networks with VPC
  • Supports cloud disks, NAS file systems, and volume management
  • Integrates with the Log Service and supports automatic log collection
  • Monitors container and virtual machines
  • Provides support for authorizing RAM users to manage clusters
  • Allows the creation or deletion of clusters based on business requirements in different regions
  • Provides affinity policies and horizontal scaling of services
  • Ensures high availability and disaster recovery across zones

How Can Click2Cloud Help You?

A large number of enterprises are running their applications heavily on the cloud, which contains multiple cloud accounts. These multi-cloud accounts use multiple Kubernetes services provided by different cloud providers.

Enterprises face a challenge in managing all the services since it is a complex task for any end user.

Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain container feature helps provision Kubernetes services from different cloud accounts in one place where enterprises can manage nodes, deployments, and other resources of Kubernetes.

Clouds Brain's Kubernetes cluster helps manage different Kubernetes services and container registries hosted on Alibaba Cloud in a single place, creating and managing different types of Kubernetes services on demand for different clouds.


Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) manages containerized workloads seamlessly without disrupting the overall infrastructure. Alibaba Cloud ACL can help users run containerized applications on the cloud efficiently.

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