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Process and Analyze Massive Logs Centrally with Alibaba Cloud Log Service

This short article explains how to get the most out of Alibaba Cloud Log Service.

Providing a seamless operation is necessary for every organization to increase productivity and achieve revenue goals. Logs are an essential part of the root cause analysis process to provide uninterrupted operations within organizations. Operational stakeholders need a centralized system to store logs from various resources within the organization's infrastructure to troubleshoot any potential network and security breaches.

What Is Log Service?

The operating system produces logs when a process is performed. It is essential to store these logs in a centralized location for bug reporting and fixing by performing root cause analysis. Log service provides collection, consumption, shipping, search, and analysis of large volumes of logs. This solution consolidates, manages, and analyzes log files from various resources and provides information to troubleshoot any interruption.

Log service ensures the availability of logs in a centralized location from virtualized resources and various endpoints (including employees' personal devices) for seamless operations and simplified troubleshooting. Logging services have become a vital part of organizations to ensure connectivity, productivity, and security in modern IT and DevOps setups.

Alibaba Cloud Log Service

Alibaba Cloud Log Service provides a complete solution to real-time data logging. It offers services to process data of multiple layers, including logs, matrices, and traces. Alibaba Cloud Log Service can transform, query, analyze, visualize, ship, and consume data by providing large-scale, low-cost, and real-time accessibility.

Alibaba Cloud Log Service is unified, efficient, and scalable, providing AIOps capabilities to identify exceptions and perform root cause analysis. Alibaba Cloud Log Service provides an internal endpoint and public endpoint, offering the accessibility of logs over other Alibaba Cloud services and the Internet.

How Can Alibaba Cloud Log Service Help You?

Alibaba Cloud Log Service can collect data from more than 50 resources, including Alibaba Cloud services, servers, applications, IoT devices, mobile terminals, and open-source software. Alibaba Cloud Log Service has flexible custom functions to filter, split, convert, enrich, and replicate data and meet the overall business requirements for multiple scenarios.

The security features offered by Alibaba Cloud Log Service include server-side encryption, fine-grained access control, and service logs. Organizations can collect and audit logs with Alibaba Cloud Log Service in real-time across multiple accounts in an automatic and centralized manner. It is a pay-as-you-go service, reducing the total cost of ownership by approximately 50%.

Get the Most out of Alibaba Cloud Log Service with Click2Cloud

It is difficult for organizations to manage and analyze enormous volumes of log data. Click2Cloud allows organizations to leverage Alibaba Cloud Log Service cost-effectively.

Alibaba Cloud Log Service is a powerful solution for collecting, consuming, transferring, querying, and analyzing massive amounts of logging data (with minimal development effort).

The Click2Cloud platform helps organizations analyze their log data, detect broken patterns, and obtain a detailed summary of their log type data, helping them prioritize log data to move to Alibaba Cloud. This way, organizations can use Alibaba Cloud Log Service more efficiently to process and analyze large quantities of logs.

Click2Cloud helps organizations by providing a user-friendly interface for accessing the benefits of Alibaba Cloud Log Service (such as real-time data accumulation, real-time search and analysis, real-time computing, and data scrubbing).


Alibaba Cloud Log Service can centralize the logs from all of your systems, applications, and other Alibaba Cloud Services. Process and analyze massive amounts of log data centrally using Alibaba Cloud Log Service for easier troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

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