Community Blog Intelligent O&M Platforms on the Cloud Help Enterprises in Innovation and Iteration

Intelligent O&M Platforms on the Cloud Help Enterprises in Innovation and Iteration

In this blog, we'll explain how intelligent O&M platforms can help enterprises run their business smoothly, intelligently, and efficiently.

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By Alibaba Cloud Storage

"Behind each serious accident, there must be 29 minor accidents, 300 potential threats and 1,000 hidden dangers." -- Heinrich's Law

In the cloud computing era, many enterprises are gradually migrating their business to the cloud. The elasticity of cloud computing makes it easier for enterprises to purchase and scale up IT resources. For many enterprises, there is no need to spend much manpower and time purchasing, scaling up or upgrading physical resources, such as Internet Data Center (IDC), server, and Network Interface Controller (NIC).

However, with the development of the information age, the scale of online business and customers that business systems serve are becoming larger, which requires much more on the stability of business systems. Once a fault occurs, if O&M personnel are unable to give warning in advance or find the fault in the shortest possible time, business will be easily affected and enterprises may suffer heavy losses.

Faced with huge business systems, various service modules, massive logs, monitoring information, and ultimate business requirements, enterprises need to improve their competitiveness by figuring out how to build a fast and automated intelligent O&M and alerting system in the whole cycle of business operation.

As a result, more and more enterprises are constructing their own intelligent O&M platforms, in an effort to reduce the burden on O&M personnel and enable more intelligent fault warning and faster response. The value density of enterprises' O&M platforms has been increasing, especially in the era of business on cloud. Many enterprises have changed their goals from purchasing and maintaining basic resources to improving business value.


The utilization and analysis of generalized log data is becoming a part of enterprises' competitiveness. Research reports show that the rapid increase of generalized log data scale requires a more intelligent O&M platform to provide reference for business. In addition, as the time value density of business systems is gradually increasing, the number of customers that systems serve is increasing exponentially and the complexity and cluster size of business systems are becoming larger and larger. Therefore, a stable, efficient, and affordable intelligent O&M platform has gradually become the foundation of enterprises' development.

However, enterprises often encounter the following challenges when constructing intelligent O&M platforms:

  1. How to quickly analyze alerting for massive logs, like in hundreds of billions? How can the platform be able to query and analyze logs in real time? How can we ensure real-time and stable writing?
  2. The system is complex and involves data from dozens of dimensions. How can the platform be able to analyze data more efficiently in a multi-dimensional manner?
  3. How can we find the most important information among massive data? For example, if there are tens of thousands of error logs, how can we find the important information?
  4. For long-term storage and processing of massive logs, how can the platform be able to meet requirements of different analysis modes and storage, no matter for real-time data or historical data?


Alibaba Cloud has also encountered many such problems in serving the Alibaba economy and Alibaba Cloud customers over the years. After continuous optimization, Alibaba Cloud has launched Log Service (SLS) to help customers construct an intelligent O&M platform.

At the Apsara Conference held on September 18, Hua Jian, a senior product expert of Alibaba Cloud, delivered a speech themed with "Log Service of Intelligent O&M Platform helps Enterprises in Innovation and Iteration in the Cloud Era". In the speech, Hua Jian introduced in detail how Alibaba Cloud SLS provides users with all-in-one log collection, alerting, storage, analysis, and visualization capabilities. SLS can help O&M personnel construct intelligent O&M platforms, quickly analyze system status, and gain insight into business. SLS will greatly help enterprises in fast iteration and business innovation in the cloud era.

Alibaba Cloud SLS has the following advantages:

  1. Real-time analysis and alerting in seconds: 1 billion logs can be returned among hundreds of billions of logs just in a few seconds.
  2. Joint analysis of data in multiple dimensions: High-dimensional query, real-time analysis, scheduled tasks, and visualization are also supported.
  3. In-depth insight into details: Second-level details, AI detection of abnormal points, and data clustering help O&M personnel find important information.


Facing challenges of quick, multi-dimensional, and in-depth detail analysis, these capabilities help users to collect, store, and analyze Logging, Metric, and Tracing data in a unified manner to meet requirements such as business monitoring, log analysis, and security audit.

Meanwhile, SLS provides full-cycle data transferring capability and supports the processing and delivery of newly released data in different analysis modes and cycles. Data processing enables enterprises to standardize and extract, transform and load (ETL) data based on different analysis requirements. Data delivery enables enterprises to meet data transferring requirements of data processing and storage modes in different periods.


In the era of business on cloud, enterprises need a more intelligent O&M platform to run business smoothly, intelligently and efficiently. We firmly believe that intelligent O&M platforms based on Alibaba Cloud SLS can truly help enterprises innovate and iterate business value, and develop themselves in a more steady and rapid manner.

Catch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2020 at this link!

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