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Extend Your Business Seamlessly with Alibaba Hybrid Cloud Storage

This short article explains hybrid cloud storage and its benefits.

Technology has become an integral part of every organization. It has become optimal to invest in smart IT solutions for better performance and competitiveness. Modernizing legacy approaches assures the agility and reliability of resources while contributing toward revenue goals.

A hybrid cloud storage solution is a modernized approach for storage solutions where businesses can utilize both private and public cloud architecture with on-premises immediacy and control.

What Is Hybrid Cloud Storage?

A hybrid cloud storage model leverages the benefits of both on-prem and cloud storage infrastructure over private and public clouds. The data can be transferred across all the environments with the lowest latency and more control to organizations over data storage and usage by forming an integral storage architecture.

Hybrid cloud storage creates a single, flexible, and optimal cloud computing environment by orchestrating, managing, and porting workloads across storage resources. As opposed to traditional cloud architectures that emphasize physical connectivity, hybrid cloud architectures focus more on portability and automatic deployment of workloads to the most appropriate cloud environment for a given use case.

Alibaba Hybrid Cloud Storage

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud Storage is a series of services provided for private cloud, container storage, database storage, massive data storage, High-Performance Computing (HPC), AI, and big data. Resources like blocks, files, and objects can be stored using a hybrid cloud approach. Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud Storage provides features like cloud cache, cloud sync, cloud tiering, and cloud backup to integrate on-premises storage seamlessly with cloud storage.

Alibaba Cloud provides the following hybrid cloud storage services:

  • Hybrid Cloud Storage Array
  • Hybrid Cloud CPFS Storage
  • Hybrid Cloud Distributed Storage

These services provide competence in public cloud storage and traditional storage arrays, including simplicity, flexibility, efficiency, and reliability, and offer high-performance commuting storage solutions that can be used to manipulate high volumes of unstructured data.

Why Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Storage?

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud Storage services are easier to deploy using standard racks. It allows seamless migration to highly scalable Alibaba Cloud Storage services with the capabilities of the on-prem architecture.

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Storage Services use standard protocols and mitigate WAN latencies to provide seamless integration with a consistent data flow. It offers high-performing and steady solutions for organizations’ computing needs to provide a complete hybrid storage solution.

It integrates distributed storage technologies to provide a scalable, reliable, and dedicated hybrid cloud solution with Operate and Maintain practices.

Leverage the Benefits of Alibaba Hybrid Cloud Storage with Click2Cloud

In current scenarios, enterprises are moving their workloads to the cloud for more agility and flexibility. At the same time, this needs to be done without risking business disruption, security, compliance, and performance.

Click2Cloud enables Alibaba Cloud and consumers to rely on its multi-cloud management platforms for migration and assessments with its large-scale globally used products and services.

Click2Cloud's Cloud Intel is an assessment platform that helps consumers assess and manage their workloads moving to Alibaba Hybrid Cloud Storage.

Cloud Intel provides a roadmap, a summary of the current environment, and an assessment of cloud readiness, which facilitates transparency and visibility and delivers comprehensive graphical TCO and ROI. It provides a detailed migration plan with an estimate of cost, budget, and time.

Click2Cloud Clouds Brain enables users to transfer bulk data, applications, networks, and data centers to Alibaba Hybrid Cloud Storage easily with a few hassle-free clicks. It works seamlessly with Alibaba Cloud, and its associated service hybrid cloud storage leads your business to reach its fullest potential.


Alibaba Hybrid Cloud Storage provides an integrated solution to manage your workloads with the benefits of both on-prem and cloud-native solutions with public and private cloud infrastructure.

Manage your enterprise workloads and extend your business seamlessly with Alibaba Hybrid Cloud Storage.

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