Community Blog Networking Tuesday #2 – Introducing Elastic IP

Networking Tuesday #2 – Introducing Elastic IP

We publish an infographic about networking every Tuesday, covering Elastic IP, Server Load Balancer, VPN Gateway and Express Connect.

In our second edition of Networking Tuesday we introduce Elastic IP by going into the key features as well as some of the benefits of using it.

About Networking Tuesday:

In a series of eight infographics we will be introducing our suite of Networking products. Each Tuesday we publish an infographic introducing one Networking product, this provides you with a comprehensive overview of its features, benefits and use-cases. Amongst others we will cover EIP (Elastic IP), SLB (Server Load Balancer), VPN Gateway and Express Connect.


For more information on Alibaba Cloud Elastic IP product visit our product page.

Previous editions:
Networking Tuesday #1: Introducing the Network Product Family

In next week’s edition of Networking Tuesday, we will cover Express Connect. Stay tuned!

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