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Brief Introduction to Cloud Networking

Cloud netoworking can simplify network infrastructures at a low cost. In this article, we will introduce what cloud networking is.

Nowadays, cloud is everywhere and many companies try to migrate businesses to the cloud to cut business cost and focus on core businesses. Then cloud networking is ideal for the digital transformation as it simplifies and economizes small to very large network infrastructures with solutions for the most basic requirements to vast network architectures.

What is Cloud Networking?

Computer networks connect people to people, people to services, and machines to machines. Like people, network servers have addresses that allow them to communicate with each other. Server IP addresses are numerical labels mapped to website addresses (URLs) by domain name system (DNS) servers.

Virtual cloud networks are the same, except the processing is done at enormous data centers around the world and the low-level details of how it happens are irrelevant to the end user, who may or may not be a network administrator.

Alibaba Cloud has everything you need to run your successful online business in the cloud. Alibaba Cloud offers Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solutions that include flexible network and subnet setups, load balancing, VPN and the NAT Gateway, network security, dedicated support, and much more.

For details, please go to Simplify Complexity: Alibaba Cloud’s Network Infrastructure Services.

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