Community Blog Meet the First Batch of Alibaba Cloud Global MVP Members

Meet the First Batch of Alibaba Cloud Global MVP Members

Congratulations to our first eight Global MVP winners! Alibaba Cloud MVP winners were chosen from a field of oustanding applications.


In our world today, a lot of technology innovations and discoveries are driven by the community. With the global growth of Alibaba Cloud, we aspire to work closely with community experts, spreading new Alibaba Cloud technologies and products to the global community. Owing to this reason, we launched the MVP program on April 2017 in China, and expanded the program internationally on 28 November, 2017.

After the launch of the Alibaba Cloud Global MVP program, we received lots of outstanding applications from different countries, spanning across multiple technical fields and industries. We really appreciate their interest and passion for contributing to the community.

After several rounds of discussions and evaluation, we have finally selected the following 8 experts as the first batch of Alibaba Cloud Global MVP members:


Kingson Jebaraj – Cloud Engineer at Yvolv LLC, United Arab Emirates


Fatih Solen – Leader of Systems Engineering team at VPROF-IT, Turkey


Wong Han Neng – Technical Manager, CrimsonLogic, Singapore


Shinya Mori – Solution Architect at SBCloud, Japan


Bui Hong Ha – Solution Architect at SBCloud, Japan


Ngoi Se Keng – IoT Software Architect, Malaysia


Sai Sarath Chandra – Software Engineer, India


Reza Primasatya – DBA and Software Developer at Karma Group Global, Indonesia

Alibaba Cloud MVP program aims at spreading frontier technologies and technical best practices to the community. If you are keen on discovering cutting edge technologies, love to share with the community, or want to grow your influence together with Alibaba Cloud, please join us by visiting

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