Reza Primasatya

Senior Data Science Engineer,Karma Group / Akasia


Field of Expertise
Software Engineering Big Data Data Science Data Engineer Cloud Engineer
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Awarded Field:Artificial IntelligenceAwarded Time:2017-12


Hallo I'm Reza Primasatya, you can call me Reza. I am Indonesian with brown skin, have average height and weight less ideal and Bali is a place of activity and stay everyday.
I'm a Python Developer and Data Science Engineer.
I am a fond of outdoor activity that boosts adrenaline as well as activities involving people or communities. On the educational side I am a fond of numbers, because the numbers are very interesting and sexy.
The community activities that I live on are quite a lot, I'm a frequent speaker in some big communities like Facebook Developer Circle and Data Science also being an orgenaizer in some community tech and being a contributor on several online platforms. I am very happy to be community because there for me is the best place to share, learn and exchange ideas. I am personally a great and growing person of the community.
After graduating from Electronic Engineering Polytechnic of Surabaya, started his career in a company engaged in software development, there develop many applications closely related to the Banking. Python and For several years I studied there finally I decided to join one of the leading banks in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. For more than two years I was assigned and trusted to develop Internet Banking. In addition to relationships, I get a lot of knowledge there. At that time I got an offer from the largest Oil and Gas company in Indonesia and from there started to combine the ability of programming, process data and present it in a very interesting and easy to understand and also the ability to become a leader.
Big Data and Cloud Infra (DevOps) are my everyday meals there, developing cloud-based technology is fun and challenging. Python is a programming language that I really like and I use almost every software development, data processing and integration with Cloud (DevOps).
At the same time I get an offer to handle Cloud Server (DevOps) at one of the IoT companies in the Netherlands. This job I'm working on at night due to the time difference. And until finally I decided to leave Oil and Gas Company and also IoT company. I get more opportunities and challenges when I join a company that stirred in the field of Hospitality which has many assets in almost 20 countries. Here I can develop myself and gain a lot of knowledge and challenges. I am appointed as Data Science Engineer and I love it. Here a lot of stack technology I use like python, data processing, devops and others.
My days are for families, communities and jobs.