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Machine Learning Platform for AI

This blog will provide information about Machine Learning Platform for AI by the means of MaxCompute and analytical data information.

By Prashant Mishra, Alibaba Cloud MVP and CEO, Founder Click2Cloud Inc.

The world of technology is enhancing in such a greater extent that it leads many expertise and technical engineers with roadblock. In software engineering, many programming languages has been taken a good place in order to proof theories and software. Still, many engineers face problems to come up with an idea in the world of artificial intelligence.

At such situation, Machine Learning Platform for AI helps data engineers, scientists, researchers, scholars, developers, technical expertise to solve issues related to machine learning algorithms, analytics data, data mining, gathering of data, robotics learning, model prediction, and evaluation of data.

Machine Learning Platform for AI is one such technology which provides an end-to-end environment for various data mining, DataV, virtualization, robotics, machine learning algorithms.

It is the simple, step-by-step learning platform which gives artificial intelligence and its technologies a new path to create enterprise level machine learning data modelling and applications.

Machine Learning Platform for AI relies on Alibaba cloud distributed computing clusters which offers a powerful computing capability. Let us take an example of it. Recently Alibaba cloud MaxCompute & ML Platform provides its users with an end to end analytics platform which combines SQL data warehousing, big data analytics and data integration into a single integrated environment.

This platform helps enterprises, retail stores, IT expertise, government sectors, hospitality and, so forth to collectively gather their data with a means to manage, analyse and share data in a single repository and common data model.

All the data when put together in a meaningful way can optimize Alibaba TCO, process flows and improves customer experience. Alibaba cloud MaxCompute supports various data importing solutions and distributed computing models, enabling users to effectively query massive datasets, reduce production costs, and ensure data security.

This approach of Alibaba cloud for Machine learning platform for AI data including customer data, operation data, sourcing and supplier data as well as transaction data with analytics reduces churn, enhances loyalty, advances customer journeys, enables the ability to conduct contextual marketing, measure attribution and provide insights across the enterprise to holistically drive growth across the organization.

Benefits of Machine Learning Platform for AI

1. End-to-End Solution:

Machine Learning Platform for AI allows users to create end-to-end workflow for enterprise level machine learning data modelling and application.

2. Multiple Algorithms:

Alibaba cloud Machine Learning Platform for AI provides hundreds of algorithms which are used for analytics, data mining, data sourcing, integration, machine learning, visualization, etc.

3. Powerful computing capability:

Machine learning platform for AI helps users to handle bundle of powerful computing algorithms.


1. Automated data visualization

Numerous amounts of data are been generated by the various business organizations. In order to make a collective analytical set of these data is a tedious task. Alibaba cloud machine learning platform for AI provides automated data visualization to make better decisions to build a collective information of these data.

2. Accurate data analysis

Machine Learning Platform for AI using Alibaba Cloud's DataV helps to generate an accurate analytics data which gives a clear pictorial representation of historical data.

3. Business intelligence

Machine learning when merged with big data analytics, generates a good level of business intelligence which helps to take a strategic decision making. This platform helps to boost business growth by means of data mining and data analytics.

4. Training and testing of model prediction

With prediction model, Machine Learning Platform for AI algorithms shows the historical behaviour of the customer in an analytics form. This helps in product recommendation.


Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform for AI is an intelligent application programming platform that helps enterprises, developers, retailers, technical expertise, researchers to quickly establish AI-based applications. This platform helps to make cost effective and time managed applications.

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