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KEENON Robotics x Alibaba Cloud

KEENON Robotics, a leading pioneer in Indoor Intelligent Autonomous Robots, is expanding its footprint in the Malaysian market by working together with Diverse Supply Chain Sdn Bhd.

By Malaysia Team

Founded in 2010, KEENON Robotics is a global award-winning, the leading pioneer in Indoor Intelligent Autonomous Robots. In the past 12 years, as a rapidly expanding enterprise, KEENON has designed and developed four categories of products, including Delivery Robot, Hotel Robot, Guiding Robot and Disinfection Robot.


With fully autonomous positioning and navigation systems that work in tandem, KEENON products boast highly sensitive perception and obstacle avoidance technologies. These advanced solutions can assist customers in a variety of complex real-world application scenarios while providing safety, reliability, and efficiency through Alibaba Cloud. With the highly scalable cloud computing solutions providing data-driven robot management system, this has been a complete success in further accelerating the digital transformation of the service industry.


To date, KEENON has established six business regions across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. With over 30,000 active robots powered by Alibaba Cloud, operating in more than 600 cities daily, KEENON robots now serve in all sorts of fields such as restaurants, hotels, airports, entertainment industry and so on.

KEENON prides itself on its R&D capabilities with a team that is constantly working on a wide range of new patented technologies for cutting-edge hardware and software to improve the company’s current product portfolio. KEENON ON-care, also the after-sale service program that could easily allow customers have direct access to product experts by providing one-stop repair and maintenance.

As the Exclusive Distributor in Malaysia, Diverse Supply Chain Sdn Bhd work hand in hand with KEENON to ensure utmost after-sales support is rendered to customers. KEENON always strive to ensure a harmonious coexistence between humans and technology, utilizing artificial intelligence to upgrade human lifestyle. Making technology, more than just technology.

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