Community Blog A Guide on ACPN Partner Search

A Guide on ACPN Partner Search

This article discusses the main functions of ACPN partner search and how partners can make better use of this platform.

Alibaba Cloud Partner Search Homepage

What Is ACPN Partner Search?

The partner search page is a platform that displays all existing partners of the Alibaba Cloud International Site under ACPN. Partners can use this platform to show their capabilities and successful experiences to seek better cooperation opportunities. The most powerful function is that the partner search page works as a self-marketing and promotion tool for partners to obtain leads.

Where Can I Find ACPN Partner Search?

Partner search is under the Partners module on the Alibaba Cloud website, which displays all partners' information as logos. Any enterprise can choose its ideal partner according to the classifications of partner type, industry, region, and partner tiers.

Get Displayed on ACPN Partner Search

The enterprise needs to become a partner on the Alibaba Cloud International Site first. After completing the onboarding process, contact Business Development to finish the partner information template, including the company profile, solution, partner success stories, email, address, region, and other information. A technician will create a new partner website page within partner search to help promote your company as new partners.

Take one partner for example, you can click Learn more for detail information:


Pictures below are partner website page general view:


We recommend partners provide specific enterprise information as much as possible. The partner's introduction should cover the enterprise's main business, product advantages and highlights, vision, and other content.

In previous situations, we have found that some partners did not fill in the solution or partner success story portions, but these two parts help shape the vitality and professional ability of enterprises. Solutions will highlight the value of partners, and external enterprises seeking cooperation can accurately locate the partner through these keywords. Also, don't forget to provide partner successful stories. It can be the experience of partners working with Alibaba Cloud, or partners using Alibaba Cloud products to solve problems for other enterprises. To sum up, the richer the partner's page information, the more professional the partner can be.

Partners interested in getting displayed on the partner search page can contact their local Alibaba Cloud team or email to Blog.ACPN@AlibabaCLoud.com for more information. And for existing partners want to add or change any information, please contact us.

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