Community Blog Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Lindorm - A Cloud-Native Multi-Model Database Service

Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Lindorm - A Cloud-Native Multi-Model Database Service

Lindorm is a cloud-based database service that can store and analyze large mounts of data with low costs and supports multiple data models.

Lindorm is designed for online processing of massive multi-model data, ideal choice for IoT & IoV scenarios. With built-in wide column engine, time series engine, search engine, file engine, compute engine and streaming engine, Lindorm provides low-cost storage and high-performance solutions to store, query, retrieve, and calculate different types of data at any scale.

Lindorm is compatible with a brunch of open source APIs, such as Apache Hadoop (HDFS), Apache HBase, Apache Cassandra, Apache Solr, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Apache Spark, Amazon S3, OpenTSDB, Elasticsearch, etc.

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