Community Blog Introduction to a Java Fault Tolerance Library: Resilience4j

Introduction to a Java Fault Tolerance Library: Resilience4j

In this article, we will introduce Resilience4j, which contributes to the promotion of "fault tolerance" for Java microservices, and some resources for the development of microservices.

Resilience4j is a lightweight fault tolerance library inspired by Netflix Hystrix and designed for Java 8 and functional programming. The library is lightweight, because it only uses Vavr (formerly known as Javaslang) and has no other external library dependencies.

In 2012, Netflix opened Hystrix, the fault tolerance library. Hystrix contributes to the promotion of the concept of "fault tolerance" for microservices, and spreads the concept of isolation and tolerance to a wide range of developers. For a long time, whenever it comes to isolation and fault tolerance, developers first think of Hystrix. By 2014, Netflix had a full march into Spring Cloud, and a series of Netflix' microservice components also came into the developers' view along with Spring Cloud Netflix. At the same time, Hystrix made a major refactoring of the underlying statistical structure by using RxJava, fully embracing RxJava. Hystrix has long been a popular fault tolerance library across the industry, but the community activity has been declining. Recently, Hystrix suddenly came to a screeching halt and announced to stop maintenance. But Reverence4j is now available as flow limiting open source products that are compatible with the Spring Cloud ecology.

Compared with Hystrix, Resilience4j has the following advantages:

  1. For Java 8 and functional programming, it provides a functional and responsive API;
  2. It adds two modules, Rate Limiting and Automatic Retrying. Rate Limiting introduces a simple implementation of rate control, which complements the function of flow control. Automatic Retrying encapsulates the logic of automatic retry, which simplifies the process of exception recovery.

For another open-source alternatives to Netflix Hystrix, please go to Resilience4j and Sentinel: Two Open-Source Alternatives to Netflix Hystrix.

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