Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) supports the native Spring Cloud microservices framework. You can deploy applications to EDAS to use its enterprise-level features such as application hosting, microservice governance, monitoring and alerting, and application diagnostics, without modifying code or adding configurations. The microservice governance feature provides service query, canary release, outlier instance removal, and graceful disconnection. The features of EDAS help you improve the overall stability and security of your applications.


Spring Cloud provides a series of standards and specifications to simplify application development. These standards and specifications cover service discovery, load balancing, circuit breaking, configuration management, message event triggering, and message bus. Based on these standards and specifications, Spring Cloud provides implementation components for gateways, distributed tracing, security, distributed job scheduling, and distributed job coordination.

Popular Spring Cloud implementation components in the industry include Spring Cloud Netflix, Spring Cloud Consul, Spring Cloud Gateway, and Spring Cloud Sleuth. Spring Cloud Alibaba, open sourced by the middleware team of Alibaba, is also a very popular implementation component in the industry.

In EDAS, you can deploy and manage applications that use Spring Cloud components, such as Spring Cloud Netflix and Spring Cloud Consul. In addition, you can use the advanced monitoring features of EDAS without modifying code, such as distributed tracing, monitoring and alerting, and application diagnostics.

To use more service governance features in EDAS to manage your Spring Cloud applications, you can deploy the applications to EDAS and use its comprehensive microservice governance capabilities, without modifying code or configurations.


EDAS supports Spring Cloud Greenwich, Spring Cloud Finchley, and Spring Cloud Edgware. For more information about Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Alibaba, and their version mappings, see Version mappings.

The following table lists the features of Spring Cloud, open source components, and compatibility with EDAS.

Spring Cloud feature Open source component Compatibility with EDAS Documentation
Common features Service registration and discovery
  • Netflix Eureka
  • Consul Discovery
Compatible, with an equivalent component When you deploy applications to EDAS, service registration and discovery is implemented by default.
Load balancing Netflix Ribbon Compatible Implement load balancing
Service invocation
  • Feign
  • RestTemplate
Compatible -
Configuration management
  • Config Server
  • Consul Config
Compatible, with an equivalent component Implement configuration management
Service gateway
  • Spring Cloud Gateway
  • Netflix Zuul
Compatible Build service gateways
Tracing Spring Cloud Sleuth Compatible, with an equivalent component -
Spring Cloud Stream for message-driven application development
  • RabbitMQ binder
  • Kafka binder
Compatible, with an equivalent component -
Spring Cloud Bus
  • RabbitMQ
  • Kafka
Compatible, with an equivalent component -
Security Spring Cloud Security Compatible -
Distributed job scheduling Spring Cloud Task Compatible Implement job scheduling
Distributed coordination Spring Cloud Cluster Compatible -
Note Spring Cloud components that are not mentioned in the preceding table can be normally used, such as Hystrix, Zuul, and Spring Cloud Gateway.

Version mappings

The following table lists the mappings among Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Alibaba, and commercially available EDAS components.

Spring Cloud Spring Boot Spring Cloud Alibaba Commercially available EDAS components
  • Nacos Registry
  • Nacos Config
Greenwich 2.1.x 2.1.1.RELEASE 2.1.1.RELEASE
Finchley 2.0.x 2.0.1.RELEASE 2.0.1.RELEASE
Edgware 1.5.x 1.5.1.RELEASE 1.5.1.RELEASE