Community Blog [Infographic] Highlights | Database New Feature in February 2023

[Infographic] Highlights | Database New Feature in February 2023

Do you want to know what's new on database product in February? Check the infographic for details!

1. PolarDB for MySQL Supports Changing the Storage Engine of a Table From InnoDB to X-Engine

Value: You can save up to 70% of storage costs by the hybrid storage engine without increasing the cost of resources, storing tens of GB or even larger historical cold data (tables) in a highly compressed way powered by X-Engine.


2. Tair (Enhanced Redis) and Redis Released Offline Key Analysis Feature to Avoid Large Key Problems

Value: Large keys in the instance can be identified and potential performance hazards can be eliminated earlier.


3. AnalyticDB for MySQL Supports Functions Like Roaring Bitmap & Funnel Analysis

Value: Improve efficiency in specific scenarios such as tag filtering, user behavior and business conversion rate analysis


4. DTS Full Data Verification Function Supports Verification By Table Row Number

Value: You are allowed to use a faster indicator other than sampling hash for consistency verification. At the same time, it can provide richer dimensions for data consistency checking thus bringing more accurate results.


5. DTS Supports Trigger Synchronization and Migration

Value: To avoid the problem of inconsistent data triggered by triggers due to improper operation


6. DAS Added New APIs Related to Instance Session Management

Value: You can use OpenAPI to kill sessions and perform task status queries.



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